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Jaguar’s new F-PACE leads SUV race, to reach us in 2016

Jaguar has introduced its new F-PACE performance crossover, a model the auto maker calls the “ultimate practical sportscar.” The car is designed to be a bunch of things, not the least of which is an everyday driver. The crossover was developed with the maker’s Lightweight Aluminum Architecture (as on the Xe we had the pleasure…

Things I learnt driving a Jaguar (XE) for the first time

The gentleman finely dressed in Jaguar marked apparel patiently walking me through the controls of Jaguar’s all new XE stopped mid-sentence and eyed me, as if he’d picked up on a tell in my body language. “Have you driven a Jag before?” My mind raced; I hadn’t. Seen Jaguars in all their glory? Sure, I’d…