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Wireless CarPlay Review: 2017 BMW 220d cuts the cord

Android Auto Wireless may now be arriving on select phones and head-units, but iPhone owners wanting wireless CarPlay don’t have to wait – it’s available now. While there’s plenty to like about the 2018 BMW 220d, not least its 3.0-liter turbodiesel with 140 kW and 400 Nm engine, I had one particular spec in mind for testing. With iPhone…

Review: Sony XZ2, beware the Japanese

Sony has a new phone, and no, it’s not a rectangular slab with chunky edges around the screen. Yes, you heard that right. For the first time in six years, Sony has finally redesigned its smartphones. Gone is the “Omnibalance” angular design in favour of “Ambient Flow,” which Sony said is meant to mimic water. The…

Review: 2018 Toyota Prado

The heavily updated Toyota LandCruiser Prado range sees some big changes for 2018, with a new look, updated interior and added equipment across most models in the range. Is there anything interesting about its design? The face lifted version of the Toyota LandCruiser Prado undoubtedly takes the boxy off-roader and makes it more appealing to…

First Drive: Volvo XC40

The high-toned Volvo 40.1 concept set a ball rolling that was caught late last year by the 2019 XC40. It’s the company’s first subcompact SUV, meaning it’s been dropped into a segment of the market expected to swell unrestrainedly in the coming years. In time, this could become Volvo’s best-seller. What’s New? In short: everything….