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Playbook Hub web platform launched

This past week marked the launch of Playbook, a web based platform that simplifies the creative procurement process and gives artists and creatives of any kind, the opportunity to upload their portfolio and list their socialized offerings was.

The platforms allows users to contact them or their management and agents for bookings, performances or the commissioning of pieces of work. Each aspect of the platform has been developed to allow a business, corporate, event company or private individual to source, select, communicate and secure an artist or creative.

The brains behind the platform, Rudi Pienaar, sought to solution a problem he identified in the market. Pienaar, with this platform, successfully built a bridge between artist and client when booking personalities. Playbook provides security for clients and monetary guarantees for creatives in search of their next challenge.

“The name Playbook encapsulates everything the platform aims to achieve – getting everyone, from artists and agents to bookers, planners and managers to play by the book. As long as everyone’s sticking to the rules, no-one loses out,” commented Playbook founder Rudi Pienaar.



Papi Mabele
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