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WIN this Chivas Regal bundle for Father’s Day

You express your love for your father through shared humour only you two understand, cherished moments spent in companionable silence and anticipating – almost psychically – each other’s needs and wants.

But this Father’s Day, why not show your love with a little something Extra?

Chivas Regal Extra, the newest edition to the Chivas family, is a unique blend of rare malts combined with whiskies matured in sherry casks from the Spanish Oloroso. Its deep aroma, fruity richness and generous sweetness is sure to satisfy the most discerning and sophisticated of connoisseurs, proving to your father on that special day that you know his cultured tastes as well as he knows yours.

As this exceptional Scotch is best when shared, toast to your father’s obvious chivalry and steadfast character with this luxuriously rich and discerning interpretation of the Chivas style.

To Enter:
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Terms and Condititions: 
Entries are handled through the Disqus comment widget below only. Entry is by no obligation to social media accounts, and we may offer them as opportunities for extra entries. Your email address is required so we can get in touch with you if you win.

Competition is open to all residents of South Africa, 18 or older! Sorry, we don’t make this rule (we hate excluding anyone), we really do love all of you.

Winners will be chosen randomly. One (1) winner will receive a Chivas Regal package consisting of 1x Chivas Regal and 1x Chivas Extra courtesy of Chivas South Africa.

If you are chosen, you will be notified by email. Winners must respond twelve (12) hours of being contacted, otherwise, another winner will be chosen. Make sure that the account you use to enter the contest includes your real name and a contact email or Facebook login.

We do not track any of this information for marketing or third-party purposes. Entries can be submitted from June 1st at 07h00 AM until June 15th 2016 at 08h00 AM CAT. Good luck!

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  • Douglas Sam

    My father and I were travelling to visit family members in Limpopo on a Saturday afternoon. The music was loud “Jazz Tunes” so you can imagine how bored I was with him teaching me what he calls “good music”….death by Jonas Gwangwa. We finally got to the One Stop and it was my turn to drive, thus my turn to DJ, “A Dab top that please”…..Nasty C “HellNaw” was my first track….I’ve never seen anyone nay nay like that before, he’s like it was hella funny. Everyone at the petrol station was staring but he didn’t care a few minutes later when the tunes sinked deep into my skin I found myself joining this old chap, mad fun was had on the road ahead. Living with Chivavary

  • Wendy Naidoo

    My fondest memory with dad had to be when I was going to grade 8 and choose my course based on what career I wanted. I had immense pressure from my mom and family. However my dad just asked me what I would like to do. He explained pros and con’s , he got me to do what he wanted without any pressure by simply making me feel like it was solely my desicion. He had this way about handling any situation unlike mom.

  • Adrian Phipps

    Fondest memory was of him picking me up spontaneously one weekend & telling me we were going on a no holds barred shopping trip. Being ten years old one just starts to realise the importance of “fitting in” with the other kids, fitting in socially and fashionably. Well that was the weekend I elevated both statuses, Pops was generous enough to buy me not one, but two paris of North Star Excitements, man did I not feel like a little prince that day. Getting home and showing them off to my friends brought about gasps of disbelief that I had 2 pairs of the most sough after sneakers around. One of the greatest memories of my late dad for sure.

  • emlyn thomas

    every year when I brought my school report to my dad he would say You can do better even if I was top of my class because I wasn’t competing against others I was competing against myself

  • Teboho Prosperity

    We were sitting together in his bed, he was too sick to stand up for no reason other than the need to go to the bathroom, so he asked me to go check for him what the time was on the watch in the kitchen. I went back to tell him, “the big hand is between 3 and 4, the small hand is at 12, and another big hand is ticking around the clock.” He stood up, took the old watch from his bedroom wall that was merely there for decorations purposes, he sat me down at 6 years, the best hour I’ve ever spent, I was able to tell the time an hour from then. The most valuable Father and Son memory I will forever cherish, and hold dear to my heart.

  • LadyAnne

    I have always been the “son” my dad never had. So I tend to do a lot of “guy” things with my dad, like play sports or watch soccer. There’s a card game that mostly men play, and my dad taught me this game long ago. We have been playing for ages – I like to call myself a Thunnee Queen. So one day we went to an reunion of his and the men were playing, so my dad entered us as a team and everyone snickered because they thought a young girl would never be able to win. We played all night and beat every team until we were the champions (and R10 000 richer) … to this day, my dad always talks about that day and how proud he was to call me his partner!