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7 – things to remember about Apple’s new iOS

If you’re reading this, and you follow me on my personal twitter account @Papi_Mabele, you would’ve bared witness to Apple’s new offerings and announcements we can expect in the very near future. iOS7 has a new font leading the way, it is very skinny, clean, fresh and crisp. Apple has gone and replaced the white network strength bars with five little dots which turn white or grey depending on the coverage you have. The rest of the screen and its features are translucent with the screen.

To save you time we summed up all the new features you expect from iOS7 in seven points.


1. Safari

The all new, redesigned Safari is integrated with iCloud KeyChain from parent OSX Mavericks which also comes with parent controls for filtering search results.  Tabs now come with a totally new interface, scrolling in a vertical carousel, and there are no longer any limits. In other words, you can have as many tabs as you want, as opposed to just 8 like before. Swipe a tab off to the side to throw it away. Safari opens straight into full screen mode now, with the option to pull down to bring up the search bar at the top and with the search field that has been improved to be a unified smart search field, which lets you have access to all your favorite websites with a single tap.


2. AirDrop & Camera

AirDrop eliminates the effort of having to forge NFC taps to share files with other iOS7 users, it currently supports iPhone 5, 4th Gen iPad and iPad mini. The all new camera interface lets you swipe between the various camera types such as panorama and HDR, it also features filters for easy filtering. Taking instagram to the bank there. Saved photos can be searched by their date, time and location with the Photo App.

3. Control Center

Said to be the heart of iOs7,  the control center is just a pull up away which is also accessible through the locked screen. Here you can adjust the device’s  brightness, volume, Bluetooth,  WiFi, Rotation lock and switching between Airplane mode. The control center has an added flashlight, with tabs to your music, pictures, camera and other apps. This will also make provision for multitasking, which lets you multitask between all third party apps with a lesser battery consumption.

4. Siri

Thank guard Siri now has a new voice. According to the sample at WWDC, it does sound similar to the known Siri, but now has a male voice too. Other languages such as German and French have been included to Siri’s features. Just don’t expect Zulu or Afrikaans as part of the “other languages to be included over time” disclaimer. New Siri will now respond to setting commands such as ‘turn Bluetooth on’ etc.

5. iTunes Radio

Finally confirmed, the iTunes Radio is said to give a genius-like experience to the entire 26-million title iTunes catalog. The iTunes playlist is fully customizable by simply clicking on the star to indicate your love for the song. This will alert the system on the kind of music you love, and more of that type will be played. iTunes match will be ad-free, but others will be able to use the app for free with a few audio and text ads.

6. Activation Lock

This is to prevent worries once your iPhone is stolen. If a thief steals your phone and tries to turn off Find My iPhone, they can no longer turn the device back on without your iCloud password. Users can also block messages and calls from other users such  as that psycho ex of yours.


7. iOS in Car

This feature depends a lot on Siri, This mainly lets iOS take over your car’s screen and run the iOS there, thus allowing you to search for apps, music, directions etc. This works in hand with the ability of iOS automatically updating apps for you in the background. Networking dependent of course.

iOS7 is said to be released in September supporting iPhone 4+ and iPad 3rd gen+ devices


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