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Buying Your First Car

carshowWhile last year might have been the ideal time to purchase your first car, reality is that most first time buyers might be purchasing their rides in the first quarter of this year. Unless you have someone trustworthy who has knowledge when it comes to buying cars, the task of purchasing your first car will not be as easy as shopping for grocery. To make things bearable, we teamed up with Nicole Vergottini who’s a New Vehicle Sales Executive at John Williams Motors Bloemfontein under the Mercedes Benz brand.

Truth be told, before venturing out on that car hunting spree, one should be properly prepared. Take time and research the vehicle that would suit you, your pocket and commuting needs best. Are you a student and will only need a small car to take you from your flat to class, back to the shopping centre and home? Or are you new to the working field and require a reliable travel mate to work and back? Either way, make sure you know what you’re looking for, should you not be certain ask a family member or reliable friend.

There’s paperwork in everything.

Good, now that you picked out the make and type of vehicle you like and suits you best, you have to fill in that paperwork. Assuming that you will be financing in your private capacity you would need the following documents to ensure that you have a speedy application process.

Clear copy of ID and Drivers License. Proof of residence (Any utility account not older than 3 months) Latest Payslip and Three months Bank Statements.

Deposit? What deposit?

It might be wise to have a deposit when buying your first car, but don’t dress if you don’t.

The Bank will take a look at every application and decide whether you require a deposit or not. It doesn’t mean that because you are a first time buyer that you would need a deposit. It is up to the bank to decide that. A Deposit will make the application Stronger. Should you not have a deposit and the bank requests one then you can get your guardian to sign Surety for you. Your guardian would have to go through the application process and be approved in order for you to go that route.

Money, what if I don’t have it?

While delears are required to clearly state any hidden charges or balloon payments before you transact with them, make sure you have done your homework in understanding what each means.

Every Dealer has charges – These charges will appear on the quote provided to you. You can request a breakdown of these charges from the Dealer and they are obligated to provide you with that information. Every advertisement has terms and conditions and these charges usually fall under that. Some dealers might advertise the charges while other will show the charges on a quote. Admin Fees usually consist of Registration fees, Pre Delivery Inspection Fees ect…The dealer that you purchase from will be able to provide the details.

It’s a parental thing.

Your parents want to buy the car for you? No problem – just make sure either one of your parents has a valid drivers license.

The applicant of the vehicle needs to have a valid South African Driving License. There is no way around that. The only exception that the bank will make is when the applicant is severely impaired (quadriplegic) and they would need a driver to drive their new vehicle. The bank then requires documentation from a registered Doctor to prove that this person is not capable of driving the vehicle and that they will need a driver.


When leaving the dealership after you have taken delivery please make sure that you have the following documents.


  1. Copy of your contract and insurance Confirmation
  2. Service booklet that is completed and stamped by the dealer.
  3. Spare Keys
  4. Make sure that you have the contact details of Road Side Assistance – It can be handy in the event of a breakdown
  5. Ask the Sales Executive to show you where the service department is and take a business card of an advisor  – You will need that to book a service.
  6. Copies of any additional policies taken while signing the contract.
  7. Copy of the registration document – You will not receive the original as this      document goes to the bank.

Also take a few business cards from the Sales Executive and hand out to your friends and family if you received excellent service

To conclude, Nicole added “Make sure that you do your homework before you visit a dealer. Most Vehicle manufacturers have websites where you can see the ranges of vehicles and pricing. Remember that you have a choice in any transaction and that you can take the time to make the correct decision. Make sure that you know what your needs are when buying a new vehicle and make sure that you ask questions. If you don’t understand something ask the Sales Executive to explain it to you. Do not sign any confirmation of Order if you are not 100% sure that your needs are being met and that you chose the correct vehicle.”

Good luck!

Want to get hold of Nicole Vergottini? find her contace details below.


Nicole Vergottini

New Vehicle Sales Executive

Mercedes Benz

John Williams Motors Bloemfontein

Tel:       051 406 8851

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