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Black Gold Family…. I already feel like a Groupie

Wow these guys really made it big the last few months, I remember the first time seeing them on live and calling them by 'The guy from Jam Alley group'.

Well at first when given I was given the task to write about these guys. I thought 'oh let's get this over and done with, these guys should be a bore'. To be honest I never thought these guys were serious when I first saw them on Live; I thought they would fade away or shrink like the rest of our SA groups…. YES Jozi, you!

These guys are certainly touching fans on tour, seeing them open for. @JRsoHot made me really dig their style. Besides being familiar with the annoying guy from Jam Alley's voice (Kwa), they have awesome talent and not forgetting A.T *drool*, the hottest one around them of course! SMH ( Shaking My Head) at me and my #groupietendencies

With their hit 'cmon cmon' on repeat in my car and earning its air play on 5FM, YFM and,and… I just can't wait to hear the rest of their album. With a motto like “slowly but surely” things are happening rather fast for these guys.

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