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Jeep selects Tomtom as primary Renegade line maps provider

Been wondering exactly which data service is replacing Jeep’s in house navigation system official map provider? According to these leaked screenshots (shown above) from the Jeep global site running on a Renegade model, it appears to be TomTom. The company is no stranger to Jeep , as its navigation app and car kit have been…

TomTom wants bikers to find their way home, should need be.

Apparently the biker community has been having problems finding their way home and – like many car drivers – to their holiday destinations. TomTom listened to their requests and finally came with a solution; The TomTom Rider which has been designed to give bikers the ability to choose the type of route they want to…

Review: Nike+ SportWatch

My rugby and a few athletic items days are long gone, even before I reached varsity I had forgotten how to measure up to the perfect drop kick. In this fast paced life, it really is hard to keep in shape. Even for us in Bloemfontein, we hardly find the time for a proper work-out….

TomTom unveils Runner and Multi-Sport watches

It’s like the okes at TomTom HQ knew I just received my Nike+ SportsWatch GPS to try out for the next couple of weeks, that they just decided to release two new additions to their wearable collections. But for companies like TomTom which is already on the ehh… pulse of the watch world, new additions…

Father’s Day Gift Guide

I tend to be an ungrateful bastard here at SA Vibe, but once a year I try my best to walk in lockstep with the patriarchy and give a little something back with my annual SA Vibe Father’s Day & Christmas Gift Guide. There are only 2 days left, but that still gives you enough…

TomTom does it again!

Remember the TomTom robot video we posted a while back? Well TomTom is at it again, and this time they come baring gifts. These gifts, upgrades to its already released app and even more Android devices added where you can download TomTom’s navigation on. Check out the latest robot video :