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Telkom introduces special DStv Explora, Internet bundle

Following last week’s much anticipated announcement from Dstv that they’ve finally activated your Explora’s internet connectivity (via ethernet port or wireless ad-on) and enabled remote control services via mobile handsets, Telkom has announced a bundled offering. Telkom will bundle the new DStv Explora decoder with its SmartHome Premium package for R899 on a 24 month…

Dstv debuts its HD Decoder, an R499 decoder for HDTVs

Today, Dstv announced its followup to last year’s rather expensive and immersive Explora. While you won’t get the same full immersive and somewhat highly interactive and rich in content TV experience the Explora supplies, this humble set-top box may be enough to suit your needs as it offers up to 1080i Full and advanced HTML5…

DStv launches 4.3-inch Walka; very limited

In a presser released earlier today, DStv Mobile revealed the latest addition to the Walka family; the 4.3-inch limited edition Walka. Unfortunately for us (and you) DStv mobile was kind enough to assume just a standard, one line spec description would do. The Walka sports a 16×9 aspect ratio and a battery life of 3….

Focus: DStv Explora

We’re there, but not there yet. In a press statement released moments after the press event tonight (31 July), Multichoice finally revealed their next generation decoder with endless explorer capabilities. Named the ‘Explora’, the new decoder is set to be available at stores from 15 August 2013 at R2499, with preorders already open on their…