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Uber’s on-demand ice cream hits SA

It’s been a couple of years now that Uber’s been delivering ice cream on demand for one day to anyone who calls up its ice cream truck through its apps. Well, this once-a-year event made it’s come-back-debut in SA this past weekend, in their efforts of now reaching more people across the globe, even in…

Nokia adds 500, 502 and 503 to its Asha lineup, starts at R899

Nokia’s biggest announcements in Johannesburg today are focusing on Lumia devices first and foremost, but it’s not leaving the Asha lineup out in the Finnish cold. After boasting that 26 million Ashas have sold so far, the company’s announced that it’s adding three successors to the Asha 501; the 500, the 502 and the 503….

Alcatel hints on more One Touch releases

We thought LG’s star-studded launch held in Jozi last week brought a closure to device announcements and launches in Mzansi, phela once Samsung hosts their annual Note launch (party) we tech-heads have nothing else rather than dry press releases and webcasts to look forward to. Not that I’m complaining, but.. yeah! Way back in January…

Here they are, your 16 Bar One Manhunt contestants

As the official Bar One Manhunt twitter account tweeted shortly after the final 16 announcement; The Ladies can finally drool away while we gents try to contain our envy. In case you missed it here, I was proud to announce that I’ll be sharing some ‘exclusive’ content from this year’s Bar One Manhunt show. In…

LTE now in Durban

Some parts of Durban are now officially covered by 4G (Long Term Evolution) network announced Vodacom earlier today. Cape Town is said to follow before the end of the year. “The fact that our engineers have been able to reach over 400 LTE-enabled sites in such a short space of time is no mean feat….