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Where to get your iPhone 6s and 6s Plus first on launch

Some people look a little unkindly on the so-called “S” years — those years when Apple updates the iPhone, but doesn’t change how it looks, and then sells that while secretly working on something flashier that will debut 12 months later. I don’t think that’s exactly fair. Those “S” years are when Apple adds some…

Samsung Galaxy S5 Hands-On

It is not everyday that we – at SA Vibe – get a hands-on on a new device on the day of its launch. But we saw with the launch of the Note 3 in Cape Town yesteryear, you never know who you might share a cab to the launch event with. With the Galaxy S5 it…

Cell C rises above the rest

While it’s no secret that most of us (consumers) are enjoying some real reduction on mobile tariffs, it is quite difficult to separate the clutter as some operators tend to convince us where to spend our money. But then again, we are in for the bargain. We want to know who the cheapest operator is….