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[Closed] Competition Time! Win Ster Kinekor D-Box tickets to see one of the scariest movies around!

So, remember when we did a cool feature a little while back around Ster Kinekor’s snazzy new offering called D-Box? Well I have some exciting news for you especially if you’ve never experienced a movie in this format or you just want to do it again as it really is that addictive…I can personally vouch…

[Closed] Competition Time! WIN with Marvel’s Inhumans


Marvel’s Inhumans – a new television series exploring the never-before-told epic journey of Black Bolt and the Royal Family, will be brought to life in a way that has never been done when a version of the first two episodes, shot entirely with IMAX® cameras, premieres exclusively in IMAX® at Ster-Kinekor IMAX® theatres beginning 1…