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Jessica Jones confronts her anger in season two trailer

The long-awaited second season of Jessica Jones will finally debut next month and today Netflix gave us another look at what we can expect from it. In the first trailer, released earlier this month, we saw Jones grappling with her past and trying to get some answers to the many questions she has about her powers and the car crash that killed her entire family. In the second trailer we see how her anger affects, and often complicates, the life she has now.

The trailer opens with Jones in an anger management session, throwing a ball at a wall with increasing force as she runs down all of the reasons she has to be angry — the death of her family, being experimented on, and the abduction, rape and mind control perpetrated against her by Kilgrave. Throughout the trailer we see Jones trying to resist a life she didn’t ask for while also acknowledging a growing threat that could affect the people she cares about. And ultimately we see her doing what she does best — harnessing that anger and taking down the bad guys.

The new season hits Netflix on March 8th and you can check out the trailer below.

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