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Let your phone curate your next business meeting with KnektMe

Ask an average millennial starting their own business how much they like networking and you are likely to get an eye roll in response.

It’s not their favorite activity and for good reason. They often find it difficult, uncomfortable, and lacking genuine connection. Thankfully, networking has been evolving to include a Tinder-like app that is used for professional networking. 

Over the past two weeks I have been playing around with the KnektMe app. KnektMe is an app that takes a new approach to professional networking. Using a smart algorithm, your smartphone or tablet’s Bluetooth connection, KnektMe provides profiles of other KnektMe users nearby with similar interests to be evaluated daily.

Much like any other popular social networking app, users swipe to indicate if they would like to connect with the individual. You can then message to connect over coffee in person. 


“Networking gets a bad reputation,” said Carl Visage, CEO and Founder of KnektMe. Networking is often viewed as an exhausting experience that requires a tremendous amount of time and energy to build meaningful relationships. KnektMe makes networking simple by introducing you to like-minded professionals that are nearby and are also interested in expanding their networks. 

KnektMe is very focused on being a professional networking app that opens new possibilities for its users. That being said, they have moderators and flagging features to ensure that anyone pursuing unprofessional interests such as dating or selling are reported.

“The world’s most valuable commodity is networking. Having the right people                            supporting you is a key factor in whether your business makes it big or falls flat,” says Visagie. “KnektMe is not just another social networking site or directory of names, it allows you to interact with real people around you, wherever you are, and in real-time.”

While KnektMe is making millennials and start-ups far more comfortable and effective at networking, don’t be fooled into thinking there are only young adults using the app. A healthy balance of users with different levels of work experience make connections more valuable.


Once downloaded and installed, the user-friendly interface will guide users through the necessary and easy steps to create a profile. Upon connecting to another user, both parties can see each other’s CV, skillset, job title, and a range of other general information.

KnketMe helps users save valuable time, a key for millennials, by allowing them to only pursue connections they know will be valuable. Because of the setup of the app, users naturally search for connections that are mutually beneficial and genuine.

Prior to my trial with KnektMe, I used to network the traditional way by attending happy hour networking and tech events. Traditional networking was hit or miss in whether it’d be beneficial. I’m running a company in which I have very little to no time to spare. Over the past two weeks I’ve noticed how KnektMe quickly leads to a coffee or smoothie or lunch meeting, and I leave every KnektMe meetup fulfilled instead of feeling like I wasted my time.

Get KnektMe on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

One unexpected perk to the app for users who may be relocating is the ability to develop a network or establish friendships in a new city prior to a move. Since the app connects users based on bluetooth, if they are visiting their new city or area, they can try to connect with people while they are there.

Networking has clearly continued to evolve over time as tools make it easier and more efficient to create meaningful relationships. Millennials are on the cutting edge of this revolution because of their refusal to pursue something they don’t believe in. KnektMe has made connecting for mutual interest far easier.



Papi Mabele
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