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Reviewed: 2017 Hyundai Creta

From the fourth biggest seller of vehicles in South Africa.  Hyundai is offering yet another reliable vehicle to the South African Market.  It’s a compact cross-over which promises to deliver in all aspects and give it’s rivals a run for their money.  Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you the all new Hyundai Creta.

The Elegantly curved positioning lamps are an integral part of CRETA’s light signature. The daytime running lamps help improve visibility for greater safety.  They also feature static cornering lights to ensure that you see everything in your way with every turn.  The structure of the body is also not too far from the much more refined Hyundai Tucson.


The Creta features two tone leather seats which are a standard feature in all models along with an 8” inch infotainment system, Standard Bluetooth hands-free and a reverse camera.  As compact as it is, surprisingly the vehicle has adequate leg room even for a tall person.  In regards to the loading capacity, a major positive feature I liked about the vehicle was it’s large boot space together with it’s nice cargo net to keep your luggage from rolling around, with a claimed 402L which pretty is bigger than most of it’s rivals.  Another noticeable feature with I was quite fond of was the trip computer which displayed the vehicle’s crucial information, like the fuel range and when the next vehicle service is due.

With a 55-litre fuel tank and an economical petrol and turbo diesel 1.6-litre engine which boasts 96kW of power in the featured model, the Hyundai CRETA will take you a bit further than most of it’s rivals. The choice of Manual, Automatic or Diesel Automatic gives you the freedom to select your own style of driving, all with the standard thrill that comes from driving a Hyundai.  The automatic model that we reviewed had an average of 8,5L/100km which I personally feel was a bit more compared to other rivals in it’s category.



Our review model featured rear parking assist system, ISOFIX child anchor system and of course comes standard with six airbags, Static bending lights for making driving a pleasure around those corners at night. ABS and EBD are fitted as standard with all models which also offer rear parking assist with a camera and a full size spare wheel.


The Hyundai Creta comes in both petrol and diesel variants which are the 1.6 Executive petrol model which starts from R 319,900, than there is the Hyundai Creta executive automatic which starts from R 339,900 and lastly the model we had for review which was the range-topping Creta 1.6 executive automatic diesel which ranges from R 369,900.

In all aspects, I think that the Hyundai Creta is a very practical family vehicle.

The Hyundai Creta sound’s a bit loud and grumbly on the road, which makes it pretty obvious that it’s a diesel car.  I also noticed that the brake pedal needs you to step on it fully when you come to a complete stop as you can feel the vehicle vibrate and moves slightly.  Another feature which I wasn’t too impressed with was the exclusion of the cruise control function. Like most vehicles in other categories, the Hyundai Creta faces rivals in all forms and shapes like the Renault Duster, Suzuki Vitara, Toyota CH-R, Nissan Juke and the Mazda CX-3.  All of which are very ambitious and all want to prove that they are far better than the other.

However, in all aspects I think that the Hyundai Creta is a very practical family vehicle with a lot of standard features which are offered as optional extras by it’s closest rivals.  Hopefully, the manufacturer improves on it’s minor errors and comes up with an even better compact crossover in the near future or maybe even a sportier and quicker model.


Lerato Sepotokele
Lerato is a B.A. Corporate and Communications graduate from the University of the Free State - our youngest recruit yet - he is also a ranked 2nd Lieutenant within the South African National Defense Force so best believe he'll put to you to place when it to comes to Call of Duty and Saint Seiya. Lerato loves the outdoors, the smell of new gadgets and that of a new car. Since moving to Jozi he's developed a rather unusually new found love for craft beer.