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Ole fashion tips for the distinguished gent

It’s  here… Well, almost. The inaugural Sun Met celebrated with Mumm is taking place in under 3 weeks time at the Kenilworth Racecourse in Cape Town. With G.H. Mumm as one of its headline sponsors, we’ve teamed up with legendary Ole Ledimo of House of Ole to give us (read:you), gents, a few tips on how we can ensure our outfits stands out on the day AND that our fashion sense stays relevant throughout the season. Well, here goes.

Avante Garde

SA Vibe: With the theme Decades of Glamour, what would you say guys should draw inspiration from?

Ole: The glam-guys need to try and incorporate glamourous accessories as opposed to glamourous outfits. Evolution of mens fashion has been on detail and colour not actual sillouttes.when you take decades of fashion-what weve seen change is lining, colourful buttons ; use of prints; flower power etc…

SAv: When you think Decades of Glamour, what first comes to mind?

Bringing back the genteleman; the elders used to have walking sticks and hats etc-how you look and how you act; the aura of dressing, dressing well also conveys good manners of a man

Ole rocking one of his creations

SAv: The do’s and don’ts of any horse-racing event?

Guys must draw inspiration from social media not copy; the flower lapel needs to go to rest-its been “killed”

This season, guys shouldn’t be seen wearing a flower lapel.

This season, guys should be seen wearing a crisp white shirt.

SAv: Any colours that are dope AF (hot) this season?

White and dark suites with a twist

Be sure to look out for part 2 of our Ole Fashion Tips with G.H. Mumm next week. 

This weeks G.H. Mumm top tip:

· The art of sobrage, like Maison Mumm is entrenched in tradition and celebration- The Art of Sabrage is perhaps the greatest legend in the history of Champagne.Legend has it Napoleon Bonaparte’s infamous cavalry, the Hussards, began the Art of Sabrage, a technique to behead a bottle of Champagne with a saber or sword. When Madame Clicquot lavishly entertained Napoleon’s officers in her vineyard, she offered them bottles and bottles of Champagne. At sunrise the Hussards rode off on horseback and whipped out their sabers to behead the bottles to impress the young widow. Sabrage has since remained a tradition in the French Army and has come to signify celebration #DareWinCelebrate


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