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Luks Brand’s new smoking gadget could soon be your fave

Luks Brands has introduced a new smoking gizmo called Pax, and it could one day replace your current fave. The company introduced the product in downtown Johannesburg recently, describing it as a small electronic gadget that works by vaporizing loose leaf material rather than concentrated oils.

By doing this, per the claims, users will inhale the same amount of flavour as they get from a cigarette, but without all the toxins and carcinogens in tobacco smoke.

Social attitudes toward smoking have changed greatly in the past few decades, and regulators are increasingly rolling out new rules that make life harder for companies and smokers alike.

The SA government recently started talks on implemented new rules regarding cigarette marketing that affect things like cigarette packaging colors. A legal appeal attempted to reverse these rules, but as noted by public groups, the effort has not been heeded successful. Other rulings around the world have restricted where tobacco can be used and bought, how it can be marketed, and more.


Assuming all goes as planned, the company will look at launching more of these devices locally in the future. The product isn’t exactly cheap, however, and will ultimately help ensure Luks Brands continues to see money roll in from these sales…even if people stop smoking traditional cigarettes.

The Pax vaporizer  device itself costs about R3500.

Papi Mabele
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