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Acer’s eye-tracking monitor bags CES 2017 award

Display makers these days are trying to think up of ways, some would say gimmicks, to invigorate the PC monitor market and especially appeal to the usually lucrative and high-spending gaming crowd.

Samsung and LG both have their new UltraWide curved monitors, and while Acer does have a rather curious curved screen laptop, the first of its kind, it isn’t stopping there. At IFA 2016, it is unveiling three new monitors,, the Predator Z271T, Preator Z301CT, Predator XB251HQT, and Predator XB271HUT, all designed for gaming that, while varying in specs, share one thing in common. All three sport Tobii’s eye-tracking technology, promising new areas of innovation in reactivity and input for games.

To celebrate that,  judges for the CES 2017 Awards deemed Acer’s Predator Z301CT  to be the most impressive technology in the computer peripherals category and that it scored higher than all other entries.

We’re no strangers to eye-tracking technology, or to Tobii’s name for that matter. The company has been at the forefront of this niche market, trying to incorporate its tech into computer peripherals, with an eye (no pun intended) towards gaming and even biometric security. And now it is trying to bring it to the mainstream by incorporating it into Acer’s monitors.

Despite that, eye-tracking for PCs remain a relatively niche market, mostly utilized by professional e-sports players and trainers to monitor and gauge player reactions and timing. In these new consumer monitors, Acer is advertising ways to utilize the sensor as additional input, especially for first person shooting games, where your gaze can make you take cover or take aim.

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