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Man enough for KFC’s Burrito?

Gone are the days where we’d share our foodie past times, or so it seemed.

Summer is back (sort of) and so are our foodie moments, and what better way to welcome it all back with a new addition to the KFC family. But before we get into the juicy stuff, please note that this post is in no way sponsored by KFC. We are open to sponsorships, (Hey KFC!) but this is not paid for.

Formalities aside, I recently got my hands taste buds on the new Burrito offering from KFC. Mind you, I am a card carrying member of KFC Anonymous, a discreet group founded by yours truly in aiding fellow KFC addicts overcome their addictions. We meet at Rosebank KFC every second Sunday of the month and discuss new items on their menu, sample and reflect on the hectic week we’ve all had.

All of the above is fiction, but the KFC Burrito isn’t. KFC certainly knows about chicken, and they also know about putting chicken in things; Buckets, buns, wraps, they put chicken in just about anything. Well, now they’ve gone and put chicken in not just a wrap, but a big wrap, and they’ve put some rice and beans in with it too.

If there were ever two concurrent words that made me hungry, it’s those ones right there.

I do love me a burrito, from the fast and slightly dirty ones available from this other market place we had in Berlin last week, to the more upmarket ones you find at Woolies, but those places sure don’t offer some of the Colonel’s finest finger lickin’ chicken strips. Putting chicken in a burrito is a good idea, though I wasn’t overly sold on having mini fillets in one. But that’s what you get, two mini fillets, surrounded by spicy rice and beans, and finished off with some lettuce and salsa. It’s pretty big, especially compared to the paltry size of the regular chicken wraps, but then it has to be with all the stuff packed in there. Sure, it’s not man size, but it makes for a good meal.


The chicken is as good as ever, the crispy skin adds a nice crunch to the whole affair, which is nice in comparison to the softness of the tortilla. The rice is good and filling, although I wouldn’t exactly call it spicy. It does a good job of padding out the burrito though, and while it’s certainly not the best quality, it’s nice to see something a little different in a KFC meal. Ditto for the beans, they provide a nice bit of texture throughout when the rice gets a little too much. The strangest thing, though, was probably the sauce. I don’t know if it’s the way the salsa is, or whether the branch I visited couldn’t quite tell their sauces apart, but mine tastes a whole lot like BBQ sauce. But hey, it wasn’t too shabby, and and it certainly provided good coverage for all the ingredients.
This KFC burrito is certainly not the best burrito I’ve ever had, but it’s a great addition to the menu that offers a more filling option for you wrap fiends out there. I hope there’ll be a Zinger variant the next time I visit. Who knows, could be as soon as this week’s meeting in Rosebank.

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