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MTN has a new store where you can buy (almost) anything

Many people like to do their shopping online, but there’s something to be said for going to a brick-and-mortar location and actually seeing something before you buy it.

With that in mind, MTN is joining companies like, well, Vodacom in opening a physical shop to experience its product and services. But there’s one key difference: These are the high tech sort with cutting edge technology in them and introduces a new fitting apart from the rest of the country’s stores.

As the company tells it, this isn’t just a MTN-branded shop or a place to buy MTN swag. It is MTN. Chief Consumer Offier Larry Annetts told SA VIBE that this cutting-edge facility is a result of the feedback they’ve continued to receive from customers and their ongoing quest to create an environment that is conducive for a pleasant customer experience. In practice, that means a new layout, new lighting and new exhibits. MTN made a lot of the design decisions.

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Some of the changes are immediately obvious: The floor registers have been placed to the west wall of the store, this helped to open up the space, as well as make MTN adaptable. In particular, some of the display cases have been put on wheels so that they can be easily moved around, either for a fresh look or to make room for events.

If this is something worthy for you to go check out, go see the store at newly built Mall of Africa.

Papi Mabele
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