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WIN: One of two HTC One A9 smartphones

No, not that One. Or that other One. It’s definitely not this One either. Rather, we’re talking about this One — you know, the HTC  One A9 flagship kind — and the folks at HTC have a unit ready for you to win.

This particular model is of the 32GB persuasion, and it’s currently up for grabs. It is unlocked to all carriers and doesn’t come with free service, so we have to limit this contest to our South African readers. Follow the instructions below to enter

To Enter:

Simply let us in on your journey of brilliance, it might be a milestone worth sharing or something that happened in your life recently that is just brilliant. Tell us your story in the comments below, we’ll pick our two favourites and we’ll announce our lucky winners. Not sure what we’re talking about? See Ben Matjiu’s interview of brilliance for clues. 


Competition Terms and Conditions

Entries are handled through the Disqus comment widget below only. You may enter without any obligation to social media accounts, though we may offer them as opportunities for extra entries. Your email address is required so we can get in touch with you if you win.

Contest is open to all residents of South Africa, 18 or older! Sorry, we don’t make this rule (we hate excluding anyone), we really do love all of you.

Winners will be chosen randomly. Two (2) winner will receive the exclusive HTC One A9 smartphone.

 If you are chosen, you will be notified by email. Winners must respond twelve (12)  hours of being contacted, otherwise, another winner will be chosen. Make sure that the account you use to enter the contest includes your real name and a contact email or Facebook login.

We do not track any of this information for marketing or third-party purposes. Entries can be submitted until March 31st at 08h00 AM CAT. Good luck!


Papi Mabele
Tech enthusiast at heart. Lover of all things digital. Papi is the founder of SA Vibe and has been sharing his love for gadgetry since 2010. Papi sees no need for wearable tech in his busy schedule and considers the Xbox One as non existant. He may come across as bias at times, and still holds a grudge at BlackBerry for creating the 8520.
  • Darryn van der Walt

    Took the plunge and worked remotely from an island in Thailand for a month. It was scary at first, but quickly realised in my line of work, if you deliver, your clients don’t care where you are. You can literally be sitting on a hammock in the middle of a jungle island with a laptop, as long as the work is done, it doesn’t matter. It turned out to be the best remote office experience ever!

  • Adrian Phipps

    Fulfilling one of my life goals this month by dropping my life of convenience. stepping out of my comfort zone and flying 10 000km to backpack through Peru and Bolivia. Having never ventured outside our beautiful country’s borders before this is a massive shock to the system. I believe in getting to know your true self and to have a better perspective of this world one needs to reboot your cultural operating system. I am hoping that this trip proves to be a catalyst for other aspects of my life that have been held back through self doubt and fear. 2016 is definitely going to be a journey of brilliance, starting with being a respected South African ambassador in South America

    • Papi Mabele

      Oh wow, Congrats on the appointment Adrian. Are based in South America?

      • Adrian Phipps

        Good moning there Papi, haha unfortunately I won’t be staying there indefinitely. I am only going over for 30 odd days but who knows right? If the right opportunity comes along on this journey of brilliance I am most willing to juggle what the universe throws my way. Open minds lead to open doors! Have yourself a most magical week brother man

        journey of brilliance

  • Matt Burke

    Made a commitment to be healthy and live a better life. Have gone from a body fat percentage of over 25% (classified as obese), to 14.2% measured last week. Its not been an easy journey and means that I miss out on some sleep in the mornings in order to be at the gym before 6am. In just a year I have seen my health drastically improve. My blood pressure is within the healthy bands, my BMI is in the healthy range, my cholesterol level is also healthy. I have not had any takeaways and cook meals for myself. Meals mostly consist of fish and chicken with fresh vegetables. I have cut fizzy cooldrinks out of my diet as well. The sacrifice has worked. I feel better, I look better and my confidence is high. I don’t feel judged or ridiculed in public by not looking healthy. Missing out on those extra hours of sleep has definitely been the hardest, especially during winter. Also using the gym swimming pool on a winter morning is not that fun. 2016 has been great so far. My health is no longer at risk and I am able to do so much more. I have run my first 5km races, I have started cycling as well. Upwards and onwards, it can only get better from here. I have a renewed zeal for life and don’t feel depressed about what I look like or depressed about my health. I’ve overcome my health issues and the depression it resulted in.

    • Papi Mabele

      Great to read your story of brilliant commitment Matt, how I wish I could be as motivated. Who knows, maybe you could teach me a thing or two by using HTC’s Sense portal to share workout videos and pictures with other HTC users (such as myself) soon. Holding thumbs and hopefully that One A9 is yours.

      • Matt Burke

        Thanks Papi! I’m sure there are some fitness apps on the HTC A9 that would definitely help with exercising. Maybe ,e sharing the pics and vids of the workouts could teach you a couple of things that may be beneficial in the gym, nope not just of me updating my Facebook sitting on the machines haha

  • Wendy Naidoo

    My moment of brilliance was definitely deciding to end my 10 year marriage to an abusive ex. I was in this toxic relationship always thinking about the stability on my kids. I decided thats enough and relocated to Capetown with my 2 little boys. They are excelling at school and I,m excelling in my life. That decision of ending that abusive marriage was definitely my moment of brilliance.

    • Papi Mabele

      Kudos to you Wendy for taking that brilliant, and bold decision. Abuse and udermining of any kind has no place on earth – Holding thumbs that the One A9 hopefully heads your way and makes your year extra special 🙂

      • Wendy Naidoo

        Winningwould be awesome. I strongly believe a lot of ladies stay in abusive relationships as they don’t have the support especially if kids are involved. The thoughts of stability, been a single parent, society and all are factors, however they are various people aand institute s that assist. Be bold and love yourself that’s what I learnt. Ultimately once you become free, you find a new found burst of zest of life that helps to succeed. Have an awesome weekend. PAPI

    • Reagan Windvogel

      You very brave and courageous and to openly discuss it. Hope it an inspiration to others in a similar situation.

  • Thato Taydo Mopereo

    Journey of brilliance: each person has their own understanding of what this mean and to me it means accepting the woman I am especially after having a baby and body changing for the “worst”. Well I did the norm and started hating what I have been put through by the process of child baring, hated the new look, hated the mental fatigue which came with it. Well I started on a self actualisation journey and did research on what a woman is. I found the truth that all those changes on my body allowed me to give birth to a prince, a future leader, a man who will one day be a father. Journey of brilliance is how I have come to love the scares and embraced the new look which is a gift from my son. That journey was tough but I have gained a new view on what is important in life and what a woman is.

  • Larnelle Ramalaine

    My journey of brilliance…. Mm mm… Been blessed to be working for an amazing financial institution for the past three years that has elevated my corporate career to a totally different level. In a matter of three years I have been given the opportunity to expand and grow exponentially and I have been recognized and rewarded for my achievements. Amongst all the recognition I have received over the three years, I have have recently(this past Saturday to be exact) won an all expenses trip to Dubai based and I received a wonderful promotion making me the youngest person to ever win this trip in this institution. Why this is brilliant? This has just confirmed that hard work pays off and the few years of late nights and early early mornings do really pay off!

    • Papi Mabele

      Congrats on winning the trip and achievements. And the HTC One A9 would be the perfect companion for your trip. Holding thumbs! @larnelleramalaine:disqus

  • Redewaan Williams

    Bring it on with awesome HTC One A9 my journey of brilliance story is how I turn these two kids into surfer girls while I am not a swimmer bit love the beach I gave them lessons which started with a quick talk on the beach about how to lie on the board, and the steps involved in standing up. In the movies they just ‘pop’ up, right? In reality I shown them get up kneeling on both knees, kneeling on one knee, then* release the board and stand up.just awesome keep it up SOON SA CHAMPS

  • Sammy

    My moment of brilliance is actually revolves around a variety of people. Every year, myself and a couple of my friends band together to raise funds for various organisations and charities in and around Gauteng. Without favor or looking for anything in return, why not randomly put a smile on someone’s face whom you share no history with.

  • Veronica

    My journey of brilliance began in December. I learnt of an underprivileged preschool close to the area in which I stay. Children from as young as two years old attend the school. The children are given a cooked meal each day at the school, which for many is their only meal for the day. I also found out that these children do not have a Christmas or end of year party at the school. I took it upon myself to throw and fund the Christmas party for the kiddies. Each child received a gift bag full of toys, colouring, sweets and snacks. I made sure that there would be ice cream and hotdogs for their lunch on their special day. And much excitement when they all got to have coke and other fizzy drinks with their meal. Chips, sweets, chocolates – all the things kiddies love. The smiles on the faces, the happiness and celebration was amazing. I am blessed to have been able to do this for the school and the kids. I am now also giving the school their first Easter Egg hunt now this year. I will also be continuing throwing their Christmas party each year. I am hoping that these small acts help spark the brilliance in these amazing children’s lives.

  • Nkene Mohohlo

    My moment of brilliance happened this week where I entered a competition and I prayed and hoped I win. Finally got the call from a radio station saying I’ve won R20000 and I know I can finally afford to pay for my entire tuition fee for varsity. I can help my grandmother and she can quit working and finally enjoy her old age. That is possibly the best moment of my year.

  • Patience Ngwenya

    I’ve always been a rather shy person who was scared to speak in front of a lot of people. I decided to embark on a journey to overcome this fear and what better way to do it than to audition for a radio presenting gig with OFM. I auditioned and I made it into the top 6!!!! Yes, shy me who would freeze in front of people was now in the radio presenter finals. I did not win but I’m proud of how far I went. I am now more confident and the experience was just brilliant. I can speak in front of people without fear.

  • Khanyisile Haega

    My journey of brilliance began when I got involved in a university society the UNA-SA ( United Nations Associations of South Africa) I have learnt so much and grown so much from this particular society. Last year I started off as a sub-committee member, in a short period of time I was chosen to be an Outreach Officer. This year I’m the secretary general of the UNA-SA chapter for my University but my biggest achievement is that I recently attended an Annual General Meeting for UNA-SA Chapter South Africa and I form part of the executive of 2016 for UNA-SA chapter in South Africa

  • Kenzo Steven Luthuli

    Hi My name is Kenzo, my moment of brilliance has been achieving my resolutions for 2015 and have them lead me me to greater missions for 2016 My number 1 was to book an international advert with an international client as I have been with Boss models since 2010 and hadn’t seen that part in the industry, I changed my look I took a bold move to leave Cape Town and movers the city of gold where everyone is doing their thing and have their achievements do the talking! I then booked English Blazer UK and an international Advert for Guinness Beer which is currently airing even now, I then had my acceptance at Medical school to start my studies in 2016 and now using the funds made from these campaigns to Pay for my studies. I’M excited for the journey ahead and to share many more moments of brilliance with my team and inspire fellow south Africans that all things are possible and that dreams do come true ALWAYS!! Now to elevate my 2016 resolutions and activate greatness in 2017.

  • Rofhiwa Nemagovhani

    My journey of brilliance beginned last year September (My matric year) when I discovered I have love for photography. This happened after we were given tablets at school. So this was my first android device I had. So one thing I liked to do rather than using it as study material was to take pictures. And by doing that I start downloading books on photography mostly Potrait since I like taking people pictures.
    I got good as the days pass and my classmates started liking the way I take pictures and I ended up being the photographer of the class, the word spread then I became the photographer of the whole grade 12s. Then the tablets were taken back by the school. I then asked my dad for a cellphone he then bought me a Hisense infinity pure 1 mini. It’s a 5MP camera phone, not much quality but apps like Snap Speed and HDR camera make up for it. I started taking pictures again and one of my older cousin who is a photographer took me under his wing and I had to do a shoot at my other cousins which gained my work recognition. I believe that I’ll go far In photography. I would like to own this amazing phone the HTC A9 because it has a powerful manual camera which I feel that it is specially designed for photographers like me. Please check my work on instagram @RalphCrowPhotography.
    Please note that I am a amateur photographer and pictures on my account are taken using the schools Huawei Media Tablet, My Hisense and my dads Samsung J2. Thank You. #BeBrilliantSA

  • Ploppie

    My moment of brilliance came in recently, read the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation in a space of 5 days and 11 hours. It was an amazing achievement as I had to instal a major level of discipline and diligence.

  • Sereeta Noosh Miles

    My journey of brilliance began this year, with a few simple words, “Your application for the honours bursary was successful.” This was the news I received after spending my entire festive season worrying about where my career would go next. Having just completed my undergraduate degree and with no finances to fund further studies, I was at a place where I wasn’t sure if I would continue studying or begin the hustle in search of a job. The reason I consider this the beginning of my brilliance is because having the means to educate myself, will allow me to go forth into the world and make an impact. I know that I am destined for greatness and having the opportunity to study further, will allow me to go out and reach my potential and achieve all my dreams and goals. The Bible says we shouldn’t despise the days of humble beginnings, and I rejoice because I know, this is the beginning of my personal brilliance.

  • Aashish Rai

    My journey of brilliance is each and every day whenever I think of doing something different to what I used to do in my comfort zone. It can be from taking a different route to office, writing letters instead of emails, blogging from mobile phone, listening to songs on cassette players, playing old nintendo games on emulators, downloading new android apps and using them to see if I get more productive with them. But more than that it’s capturing the smile of my daughter using whatever camera is available on hand and enjoying the lovely moments spent with her as she is growing very fast. With HTC A9 my journey will be captured best using it’s 13 megapixel camera and 27 gigs of memory to hold photographs and video’s. What recently happened in my life which was brilliant was that my daughter is challenging the logic I sometimes give her and she asks me why I am doing what I told her not to do? It makes a big difference in my life as I am now aware of what I might do and how it will impact her. So I am looking upto the younger self of me to redefine a new you. Thanks

  • wilfred Dube

    My journey of brilliance was a bittersweet one , as we all know that nothing is more creative nor destructive than a brilliant mind with a purpose. This experience taught me that backing yourself into a corner is a terrible strategy, in that it leaves you nowhere to run. But it’s brilliant in that it brings out the fierce in you, because you are forced to fight.
    I enrolled at the Cape Peninsula University in 2009 for the Degree in Internal Auditing it was to take fours for me to complete my studies .My studies smoothly went well and l was doing great and l was really pleased by the way l progressed especially on the first year .During the third year l started having problems with some stomach pains .l didn’t take this sickness seriously ,it persisted for almost two weeks and l had no option but to go and consult a doctor .I expected to get some medication and quickly come back to my studies .The doctor had bad news for me .They said l had to go under several scans to determine the cause of my stomach pains .I was booked for the scans and things went so terrible ,l was told l had a problem with my kidneys it was a like a fatal blow to me .l felt like my world had came to an end .Firstly didn’t have the money to cover the hospital bills and worse l was losing precious study time. I was booked for an operation Luckily the doctors told me that l wasn’t going to need an operation .l spent nearly a month at the hospital and some more two months at home recovering .I was far behind my studies and didn’t have anytime to recover for my studies .With the grace of God l recovered and went back to Varsity .The moments l went back to my studies it was really difficult for me to catch up .I had to give up all my happiness and spend most of my time on my studies . Honestly when you bring the scale and precision of your energy to the brilliance of your great mind , magic will happen . I went through a torrid time in recovering my time lost when l was in hospital .l had to burn the midnight oil everyday .l dragged myself to the moon, to caught the stars and seized their brilliance. I recovered all my lost time through hard work and graduated the following year with my Degree in Internal Auditing .My journey of Brilliance taught me some important life lessons . I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear. If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life. Loyalty and devotion lead to brilliance and Brilliance leads to the spirit of self-sacrifice. The spirit of self-sacrifice creates trust in the power of love. Today l still use my journey of brilliance as an inspiring story to lift me up whenever the odds are against me !!!

  • Chantal Oliver

    I am definitely on a journey of brilliance and in this journey, moments of epic proportions, milestones keep me motivated.
    I weighed a whopping 114kg and I could carry it being a little tall, but it weighed me down mentally. It did not make it any easier having 4 sisters less taller but fit into smaller sizes than a 10! I decided to do something about it instead of just moaning. I did my first 5km that turned into a glorious puffing and huffing session to the finish line but MAMA I MADE IT! Then on went 10km and I bettered my time and less huffing and puffing. Watching series I would squat and lunge in front of the telly, instead of lying down and snacking. My kids and husband started getting motivated, I passed it on to FB friends and its like a chain reaction now. To date and still counting, I managed to shed 14kg’s eating and living healthily! Its not a race, its a journey and I am enjoying it every step and run of the way! I am taking in more of nature and sunsets along the ride and my son was overweight too and lost 6kg’s to date and back on track. He enjoys playing sport now like cricket and rugby and its also an encouragement for him that mum dont just talk, she does it!

  • Chantal Oliver

    The recent FEESMUSTFALL got me thinking. As a working mum of 2 very unique children of 2 and 7, who completes me and drives me to the nearest mental health clinic, we all are quite big on education. But sometimes as mums we preach without conviction. My son has ADHD and ODD and he is very smart but he doesnt have the drive to always want to learn and I always tell him to learn about new things should be exciting. He then questioned me on my education, yes he is bold and cheeky like that. I have years of office admin experience but in my time, there was no money to study further and as I explained that, he said and NOW? So my moment of brilliance came when I told my son he was absolutely right. I helped sisters get through varsity, one is a CA today, one a teacher, one studied nursing and my baby sister just started university now to become a lawyer, but as the eldest I am always putting everyone ahead of myself, its my nature! I then did a 10 week UCT accredited course and gained my certificate this year, passing with 70%. I am not stopping there and already looking to enroll for 2017 for my BA degree with Unisa. Lack of money is no longer going to stop my brilliance. It cannot be my crutch and mental block anymore and now I practice what I preach. If I teach my kids to become high on education, then so shall I.

  • Vincent Oliver

    As a police sergeant its the most dangerous work with little or no rewards. Very little appreciation and our lives are constantly at risk just walking these days out of our front door. But what makes me passionate about serving my country and community is when I actually do make a difference and that keeps me inspired. I love helping people and helping them live a more fulfilling life by putting criminals away does that. The passion on knowing they can contact me anytime, the trust that is built is priceless. I work on the Cape Flats and its infested with drugs and crime, but we do make a difference, no matter how small.

  • Andile Ntuli

    My moment of brilliance occurred quite recently. I found my passion: Business. Many people have told me for years that I have a great personality for sales and I finally took the leap and have recently started my own catering company. “Chunky Mushroom” supplies students with healthier meals on Campus. It’s still very early to say how things will go. but I have all the hope that it will work out. What’s great about it is that I really enjoy not just selling food, but putting my heart into the process of making it. And imagining the pleasure of good food for the eater, it’s a great feeling! There’s nothing better than finding your passion, discovering your life purpose and making a living out of it while empowering other people as well. Love what you do and do what you love!

  • Andrew J. Snyman

    I recently retired and as a father of 5, we all know what a race life is, Now I have a journey of spending quantity time with my family and myself. I am reading that book I never had time for, I am watching tv a little more, work in the garden and see sunrises and sunsets. I am embracing living again!

  • Tanya

    My moment of brilliance came when i realized that i was bigger than my setbacks,my not so good health and my financial situation. i undressed myself from all the negative thoughts i had about myself and the way people viewed me over the years becos of my situation. Being a single mum i took the stand that i need to be strong for my daughters and be a pillar that they to can be strong woman! I am proud of the achievements i hv made and for the grace of God over our lives.

  • Samsang

    Moment of brilliance came at new years with a revelation of clarity for the year ahead with my work

  • Roxanne Chutthergoon

    My moment of brilliance was enrolling into UNISA to further my studies and give myself a better future! It has always been a dream of my mother for me to have a life that was better and more fulfilling than her own, however she never had the finances to send me to University…we both slowly started to give up on that dream when one day I decided that I won’t let my mother or myself down, I will cut back on whatever I can and save the few extra rans and someday register to study on a part time basis…and that ONE day when I finally had enough for two modules, I went to UNISA, stood in the long queue and made it to that registration desk! I have not looked back since and even surprised myself by scoring distinctions even whilst being employed full time! Two years on, and I am quite close to completion…the finances remain a battle, but I am a soldier and will not give up considering how far I have come, starting with nothing. I will not stop until I am a graduate!

  • Nonhlanhla Nthuping

    last year I attended the national achievers congress and I got the chance to see and listen to Nick Vujicic and from then on I was self motivated by seeing him and his achievements and i am working on making my life purpose a reality to assist the youth

  • Tshepiso Modisane

    I’ve gone through almost a decade striving to make something of myself, with ups and downs. My academic life has been a roller coaster ride from not knowing what I want to do (because of lack of self knowledge), to 2 years of pursuing a career path from parental influence, then having a gap year and finally getting to know myself & finding the academic direction I’d like to take. It’s been hard, living on less than R100 a day being a university student who is forced to correspond because it’s convenient for your circumstances (no need for pocket money or transport money). I also had to cut my social life to avoid being compelled to go out and spend money that isn’t really there. Having to sit on some problems for hours until you finally have it figured out has turned from a challenge to a triumph, no classmates, no teachers, just me. It’s not easy living in an RDP community that’s far away from everything, in a small house living with the rest of your family with minimal space, forcing you to study on your bed & do most of your school work on a cellphone where a laptop is required. In my shoes you really have to make something out of almost nothing. The journey gets tougher when you see all your high school peers flourish & you’re still fighting for your dream 8 years later.
    But I’ve realised there’s no giving up at this point, there’s something bigger than me that tells me to stay persistent. What do I mean? Well, every year since high school I’ve met a complete stranger once a year who stops me, asks me how I’m doing, what my name is, and tells me to stay in school, take care of myself and that I’m going to be successful. One year I got a temporary PR Assistant job and received great compliments from an African businessman at the conference, he didn’t even ask me what my name is! I later found out this man is worth R7bn. How do these strangers know this about me? I’m clueless, but the magic is in the mystery. Having produced several distinctions in academic solidarity under my circumstances has squeezed the life out of me until I eventually felt alive again, but with this being my last semester I must say that it has been a brilliant journey… mysterious, but brilliant!

  • Lynn Botha

    My journey of brilliance started a few years ago.. I met my hubby rather late in life.. I’d been ready and waiting for what seemed an eternity to start a family, so as soon as we were married, our journey began. After several months, nothing. Loads of people told me I should wait two more years, it would happen, but I wasn’t prepared to wait. So my moment of brilliance was seeking and finding the right people who were able to help us. It wasn’t a nice experience at first, loads of tests for both of us, I was operated on and they discovered I had endometriosis. Loads of visits to the fertility clinic and seeing so many couples who were in the same situation was heartbreaking – infertility doesn’t discriminate by colour, race, or the size of your bank account. Thankfully our story had a happy ending and we were lucky enough to conceive without taking out a second bond. And low and behold, my daughter was only 6 months old when the impossible happened.. and my son was born 9 months later. So when your 6th sense or your gut instinct is trying to tell you something, listen… It saved us a few years of heartache.

  • Katlego

    During my matric I went through a traumatic experience which I cannot say,but through all that I managed to heal emotionally, physically and mental.that experience drained me,I cry when I think about it.I told myself that feeling sorry won’t pull me through the year,I pulled myself together and went through proper channels to heal.that was my moment of brilliance!!!!Katlego Mokoena

  • Dennis Ngango

    Hi! My name is Dennis Ngango, I am a 20 year old South African dreamer, Industrial Engineering Student at the University of Pretoria, Humanitarian, Associate fellow for the Royal Commonwealth Society, Ted Talker, Ray-ban Trend Envisioner and a Global Youth Ambassador to South Africa at a World at School.

    John Green once said, what is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable? My journey of brilliance began at the tender age of 16, I started working at a Community Radio Station and raised over 800 toys for a local charity. Now 4 years later, I’ve started my own Youth Empowerment website, Up & Coming Current and featured on various radio and TV shows all over South Africa. These include: Carte Blanche, ENCA, Talk Radio 702, Etv’s Craze World Live, Cliff Central, Cape Talk, 5Fm, SA FM, Metro FM, Good Morning Africa and many more. In 2015 I was selected as one of the youngest speakers at Tedx Pretora giving a speech on Reimagining Africa. In addition, I’ve became a columnist for well-known publications in South Africa like News24 to say the least while still being an influential Community leader.

    Since the beginning of 2015, I was selected as a Global Youth Ambassador at a World at School to South Africa by Former Prime-Minister of the United Kingdom, Gordon Brown and UN Secretary Ban ki Moon. Myself and 500 other Global Youth Ambassadors created the world’s largest petition on education: the #UpForSchool petition. More than ten million people have signed the petition to urgently help pressure world leaders to prioritize education. World leaders(Desmond Tutu) backed it, celebrities(Justin Bieber, Shakira, Yvonne Chaka Chaka) supported it, business leaders welcomed it, communities embraced it and youth activists took it to heart.

    Still in my 20s, I’ve learnt from a very young age that “If you can’t get a miracle, you have to become one.” I love South Africa and just wish to use my voice to anchor my generation and take them to new heights. Africa’s narrative needs to be critical and reflective of Africa’s reality. We must empower the youth to take tomorrow and that’s exactly what I plan on doing. With this only being the start, I know I will take my South Africa to great new levels.

    You are never too young to build an empire and never too old to chase a dream.

  • Zolani Vuma

    my moment of brilliance came when i landed my dream job. I had been unemployed for about two years not due to a lack of trying though, numerous interviews and always getting close to landing the job but never crossing the line. this year i decided to shake things up, maybe words were not enough. I made a video presentation of how much i wanted the job, why i wanted the job and in the video i also spoke of myself and answered a few possible questions they might have. So i get to the interview and the first things i say i say is ‘before we start, i would just like to play you this clip’ they agreed and i sat there watching them smile and laugh as i was very nervous. In the end they said they didn’t really have questions for me and that they were really impressed but obviously they will see other candidates before making decision but in the end i got the job i begin in April. Even my mother was so happy she gave me a big hug, that was quite special as she only hugs me on my birthday every year lol.{Snap shot from the vid of me interviewing myself and other imagery i used to sell my cause}