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Launched: Rolls Royce Wraith Inspired by Fashion

Fashion is about the new, vibrancy and rebellion, something that certainly doesn’t seem at odds with Rolls-Royce, cars that are normally the province of stuffed shirts the world over. Despite this, the company feels that it needs to reach out to fashion-loving billionaires, as one would. Which is why it’s launching the Rolls-Royce Wraith Inspired By Fashion edition.

Effectively, the existing Wraith has been kitted out with custom fashion-esque features that, it’s claimed, will turn your car into “the most exclusive fashion house” on the highway. Considering that a base model Wraith can cost in excess of 5 million rand, we’d say that’s a fair claim to make.

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A select few (ourselves included) media and influencers, draped in white, had the pleasure of viewing the Wraith yesterday at OR Tambo International. The beastly car has a solid, streamlined design and a beyond-most-people’s-budgets starting price point of about six million Randelas. Given you have the budget, and will, you can make your way to Daytona and inquire on the likelihood of you owning one of these. You can check out my snapchat video of the Wraith being revealed after the jump.

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As Anele Papu, one of the guests that joined us pointed out, a quick glance at the Wraith will invoke images of Rolls Royce’s Ghost, with both being essentially the same. Buyers will get their money’s worth with the Wraith’s underhood V12 and insane 620-horsepower. There’s a satellite-aided ZF transmission, white leather interiors and the vehicle boasts about 800 Nm torque.

Rolls-Royce is boasting that its bespoke fashion cladding customisation has been in the works for two years and was crafted by a team of “the world’s very best automotive engineers in collaboration with renowned (fashion) designers.”

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Since Rolls-Royce had our attention, it also wanted to spoil some of the more fun myths about its products. The company’s historians have debunked the story that Keith Moon drove his own Roller into a pool during a “high spirited” evening in Michigan. Unfortunately, Rolls’ believes that it’s a conflation of two stories: one where Moon left the handbrake off his car to roll into a half-constructed swimming pool, and another where the drummer drove a Chrysler Wimbledon into an ornamental pond as a protest. So, now you can bore all of your friends in envy with that piece of trivia down in Braam this weekend.

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