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Trainer concocts ice cream that contains a kick of whey with every lick

What happens when a fitness junkie and trainer decides to become a chef? If they’re anything like Craig Oliver, then you can expect a fusion of food and high-octane exercises to come out of their kitchen.

For instance, Oliver’s masterpiece is an ice cream that contains just the right amount of whey – and little to none of the fat and carbs – when you lick it. He calls it the Mi Whey. This mixture has been thoroughly thought through and developed with the help of top Gelato manufacturers to guarantee that sensational taste. It is available in three flavours – Chocolate, Strawberry and French Vanilla.

As unusual as it sounds, this is just the beginning of Oliver’s foray into the whey-filled ice cream business: he also plans to whip up more ice cream flavours, and another that contains the goodness and variety of supplements.

You can only get a scoop of this whey-filled ice cream from selected Dis Chem and Spar shops countrywide, but the company’s looking to distribute to other stores and export it to other countries. Until that happens, why not tweet me at @Papi_Mabele with your favourite Mi Whey flavour, using the hashtag #MiWheyIceCream and I’ll be glad to send you two tubs to try out. Courtesy of the guys at Mi Whey.

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