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Huawei smartphone division: Over 100 million sold in 2015 alone

The P8’s 4 million sales landmark? Impressive, but still just part of a larger equation — according to Huawei, its entire line of P and Mate – series phones has now sold over 100 million units collectively for this year alone.

According to a presser released by the firm earlier today, the line of popular smartphones passed the nine-digit mark due to its impressive track record and the release of their Mate S smartphone, which was sold in 48 countries across Asia and Europe and Europe, it’s Nexus 6P smartphone made in collaboration with Google, which made headway in North America and the introduction of the Mate 8 smartphone, in China in November ( we have no idea if this one will be reaching us).

To be specific, since September, the P7 has sold over 7 million units, doubling its sales since February. New iteration (P8) contribute to the big number too with 4 million sold, but Huawei puts the focus on old number three, citing 6.5 million as the Mate 7’s average sales. But not all is because of their marketing efforts, the firm emphasized that success is a result of their extensive research and development efforts, diversification across markets, omni-channel strategy and the brand loyalty inspired by its products and consumers. So, that’s what it takes to sell about 500 phones a minute.

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