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Standard Bank brings uninterrupted private banker services to WeChat

If you’re having trouble splitting those investment returns into both your savings and offshore accounts, Standard Bank is there to help – literally.

Standard Bank has today unwrapped its new – and a first for Southern Africa – Instant Messaging service with private banker assist add real-time SMS chat, letting you speak chat directly to an agent for your everyday banking, trading or even more complex transaction queries. The service is powered by Standard Bank in conjunction with WeChat.

According to Sibongiseni Ngundze, Head of Retail Banking at Standard Bank, the hassle of having only limited contact with your bank, through physically going into branch and standing in queues, or calling call centres and sending emails is now truly in the past.

Given that you’re either a Prestige and/or Private customer, you’ll simply need to phone or email your bankers, or speak to your banker in-branch and provide them with your WeChat ID before being taken through a verification process, after which you’ll be registered on the network and then simply need to log in to WeChat and search ‘Standard Bank’ under ‘Official Accounts’ to have access to chat to the team of virtual bankers anytime, anywhere. To sweeten the deal, Standard Bank will throw in the benefit of 3GB of free WiFi, valid for three months, through AlwaysOn in AlwaysOn zones.

‘But why WeChat?’ you may ask. With research showing there are over one hundred million people sending instant messages worldwide, while there are 5 million WeChat users in South Africa – it is the most accessible platform for SB users.

“These days most relationships are conducted via instant messaging, so why not your banking relationships?” asked Standard Bank’s Ngundze.

The Relationship Banking Instant Messaging service will run uninterruptedly (given, you know, there are no glitches in the system) 24/7/365. Not convinced? See the video after the jump while you decide. 

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