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Toyota bets on hydrogen with its Mirai, now in the UK

Its name means “future” in Japanese. The FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicle) Mirai is Toyota’s R740 000 bet (not counting clean fuel incentives) on a future where hydrogen vehicles roll into fueling stations just as easily as their petrol-powered counterparts.

It wants another Prius moment, but the desire to drive an environmentally friendlier car can’t override the need to actually fill the car with fuel. The car itself hits all the important sedan marks: aggressive styling, solid acceleration (0-60 in nine seconds) and, from our time being driven on the track, solid handling thanks to the fuel cell stack residing under the passenger compartment for a low center of gravity. The 500km range is on par with its gas-guzzling counterparts. But even with a hybrid engine to reduce hydrogen fuel consumption to 67 miles per gallon equivalent, it still needs to be refueled.

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