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WEEKENDER: Stimorol Infinity 1 Piece bursts with flavour

Over the past month – or so – I have been subject to a lot of inter-city travelling (not that I am complaining) in bringing the best tech events coverage for my esteemed readers. A lot of this being 40/45 minute flights followed by up to to 1 hour stuck in the crazy Johannesburg traffic, I still carried some gums with me though, as driving over a few of the passes and levitation make my ears pop and the trips can be monotonous.

I wasn’t just carrying any gum with me, but Stimotol’s Infity 1 Piece which had landed on my desk just in time for the madness of events season. Stimorol was acquired by Cadbury (of Mondelez) in 2002 and has come to be known as one of the world’s leading brand of chewing gums. From the Infinity ads I could remembered how the brand empasised on the gum’s long last flavour and how it bursts with flavour on (almost) every chew. Not being such a gum fanatic myself, I had never tasted any of the infinity’s offerings. Boy was I in a for a surprise.

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The gum is anything but simple although very pleasant. It’s the classic style of stick, which loses the real foil wrapper on each piece for modern individual wraps. The flavour is Mint and it’s quite mild but with a good enough punch to make me feel refreshed and clean without a sticky or artificial feeling – all day long. The other is Tropical which has a flavour assortment that’s right up my alley; a hint of Mango Melon, Pineapple and Banana. (I’ve never met a yellow flavor I didn’t like.) The dominant flavor was of the mango melon with a little cantaloupe thrown in – I stand to be correct.

The best part was that It got tangier the more I chewed, which I enjoyed, because that took over the flavour profile for the most part. The package also boasts that it has phenylalanine in it, you know, that stuff sold as a nutritional supplement for its reputed analgesic and antidepressant effects. I remember it was popular in gum and mints in the seventies, but hadn’t seen it on a package in quite a long time.

Priced at R1.00 a pop (no, seriously) they’re all rather simple gums that leave nothing to complain about, fancy graphics and none of the fancy marketing campaigns. They’re a burst of flavour and are highly contemplative (on when the flavour is going to end) … comforting and a rather cheap little way to buy some nostalgia.

Papi Mabele
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