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WEEKENDER: Lunch Bar’s my Sweetest Taboo

Everytime I think of Lunch Bar, the series of Highlands and Makhathini adverts are what comes to mind:

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That was well over 15 years ago and I still know the words and it gets funnier each and everytime I watch it. Those were the days.

These days of course, Lunch Bar has gone to become one of SA’s elite in chocolate brands and variants. Truth be told, over the past few years it has gone and lost some of its appeal for me – maybe its my change of diet or maybe I have ‘outgrown’ it as one of my favourites while growing up? Figures. 

I must admit that as a child I was heavily much into peanuts and chocolate, this could explain my weight issues back then. There’s just something innately joyous and whimsical about these kind of bars. Especially Lunch Bar. It’s not at all pretentious or kitsch, instead it’s just unique. Lunch Bar could so easily be boring and bland as most mainstream chocolate of this kind is – comparing what I tasted an odd 5 years ago and what I taste now. But they’re certainly not, Lunch Bar’s just so addictive.

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Having said that, Lunch Bar reintroduced themselves to me alongside their 50th Birthday celebrations by sending me a gift box full of their awesome chocolate. As many of you might agree that the world is just awash with negativity and people taking them far too seriously. It’s so nice to step back from this and try out some ‘fun’ chocolate and take part in the Birthday celebrations. Hehe, turns out I still like my occasional (read; death by) nutty chocolate.

Indulge. Beneath the wrapper you have some 47% milk chocolate which encases some crunchy white wafer biscuit (14%), crisped rice for that added texture (8%), extra peanuts (7%) and some caramel (24%).

The caramel has a fantastic sharp, but sweet enough edge that cuts through the white wafer biscuit and those extra peanuts gives it one helluva delightful crunch. The entire experience is great when you consider that this isn’t a hugely expensive bar of artisan chocolate made in depth of some European capital chocolaterie. I mean, no one has the time and money for that. What’s more, there’s no ego or pretences, is just self-indulgent and gorgeous with it. The mouthfeel, with all the textures, combined with the sweet and coarse peanutty cruch accompanied by the melting wafer is exactly what late Friday afternoons are about. Circa the Vodka. 

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Like I mentioned earlier; It’s not something I buy regularly, but I do still buy it. The chocolate is exactly the same as  you would have it 10 years ago – with an added crunch, and the same chocolate coating as your Dairy Milk bar, so if you want to know how it exactly tastes, just go on and grab a man-size bar (62g) at R6.99.

Finally! I can concentrate on getting this piece of nut out of my teeth.

Papi Mabele
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