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Toyota set to launch new Auris models in Geneva

It’s a sure-fire bet that Toyota will unveil its new styling, authentic Auris at the Geneva Motor Show in a couple of weeks, a rather more roomy and practical version of the hybrid that really started paving ways for cheeky environmentally friendly drives.

And, of course, the plug-in model we tested in October will be surely rocking the floor. Now we’re hearing that a few other as of yet unreleased concept vehicles will be on display. Concept cars of course range from the mundane to the insane, and knowing Toyota we’re guessing this one will fall squarely into the former category. Just the same we’re hoping for a tire-shredding, slalom-eating, RWD hybrid Auris and Prius Supra model. We’ll be live streaming when the unveil happens and we’ll be sure to bring some tissues to wipe away our tears of disappointment. Erm, not. This bad boy is set to reach our shores ‘later this year.’

Lerato Sepotokele
Lerato is a B.A. Corporate and Communications graduate from the University of the Free State - our youngest recruit yet - he is also a ranked 2nd Lieutenant within the South African National Defense Force so best believe he'll put to you to place when it to comes to Call of Duty and Saint Seiya. Lerato loves the outdoors, the smell of new gadgets and that of a new car. Since moving to Jozi he's developed a rather unusually new found love for craft beer.