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WEEKENDER: Savanna’s zesty Angry Lemon

It certainly is not everyday we have Press Releases sent to us bundled with something to wash them off. This new trend kicked-off with the introduction of WEEKENDER. We’re not complaining either, it’s the best thing to happen since Samsung flew us to Belgium earlier this year.


Back to the said. Savanna have expanded their range recently, making their ciders both more accessible and more esoteric by introducing a new, limited addition to their impressive refreshing line-up of ciders; Savanna Angry Lemon. And as the name suggests, the innocent yet cheeky cider we’ve come to know now comes with a extra zesty kick.


On arrival, our handy Savanna pack arrived in safely tucked away in a bright yellow gift box. The wrapping on the 6-pack has changed to a bright yellow to accommodate the emphasis on its zesty flavour. To our surprise, the bottle sports a dark-neon-like-lemony-green colour that sure is tempting! Those familiar with Savanna’s previous and original offerings — there’s their Dry cider, which is more gentle and sweet than it’s eponymous Light offering cider. On the other, there’s the brilliantly-named Savanna Dark, an old-school that’s happily rotten – admittedly, probably an acquired taste for most Savanna lovers — at the office couldn’t help but wonder why the need for this new offering, surely a lemon wedge, slice or cubes can add that extra lemon effect, no?


Savanna’s Marcel Swain explained that this is just a new, daring, limited edition offering which has the taste of their premium and original Savanna Dry with a refreshing splash of Lemon, something that consumers are sure to love. But the proof is in the pudding cider, the result is a complex, light cider that unsurprisingly rings with apple, but it’s also very tart. There’s something vinous about it, something teasingly sour that makes you salivate – something completely at odds with ciders like Hunters Dry, but way lemony. Other than that, it’s quite straightforward, but still a drink to be savoured.


My advice? Buy a 6 pack and split it with a friend, better yet settle for a 24 – seeing that it’s a limited edition. Pour it in a couple of nice glasses with few cubes of ice and a lemon wedge for your instagram post. Get it cold; sip it slow – this angry cider sings.

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