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Garmin VivoFit Reviewed

Any and every one offering any fitness advice these days will probably tell you to just not stop moving and although GPS giant Garmin was a little late to the fitness band craze they have designed an amazing yet simple wearable wristband: the Garmin Vivofit.

The durable rubberized band that houses the actual device is not only a good looking, smart pedometer that tracks your activity but it is waterproof with a long battery life. It can record your day-to-day step count, distance, calories and heart rate for over a month.

Smart enough to absorb your normal activity levels the Vivofit sets goals for you within your range. There are so many other pedometers that require you to set your own goal manually. It reassuring to know that whether you’re a regular training athlete or an average Joe, the Vivofit customizes your activity goal for something within your reach.

The Vivofit alerts you when you’ve been inactive for too long. It displays a red bar that emerges under your normal metrics and grows the longer you stay inactive. To reset the bar, simply get up and move; the bar will gradually drop as your activity level increases.

Another feature on the Vivofit is its sleep monitor. Whilst not as high-tech some of its competitors it tracks your movement and the duration of your sleep. There is also the added feature of recording your heart rate but unfortunately you’ll need to purchase a compatible heart monitor to wear in combination with the Vivofit.

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Garmin Connect is Garmin’s online fitness community and with the use of the Garmin Connect App you can sync data from your device to check your normal stats and daily achievements. There is even a challenge board that allows you to see where you stand on specific challenges that Connect specially set for you and other Vivofit users.

What Vivofit does offer is reliable tracking, useful reports and a durable design. The most impressive quality is the battery life. Some may criticise the elimination of a simple feature like the backlight but the Vivofit will run for an entire year on two common CR1632 watch batteries; so you don’t have to stress about recharging it every few days

The fantastic battery life, its great syncing compatibility, as well as the ability to change to different straps, all go a long way to making this a wearable worth considering.
The Garmin VivoFit is available at leading health & fitness stores from R1899