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Uber’s on-demand ice cream hits SA

It’s been a couple of years now that Uber’s been delivering ice cream on demand for one day to anyone who calls up its ice cream truck through its apps.

Well, this once-a-year event made it’s come-back-debut in SA this past weekend, in their efforts of now reaching more people across the globe, even in places where Uber’s services aren’t usually available. This past July 18th and 19th – for us – Uber had ice cream trucks going around 144 cities in 38 countries (last year’s event included only 33 cities), serving a variety of treats like gelato on sticks, sundaes and froyo. And in Johannesburg, the ride-sharing company even took the chance to do some charity work as part of Nelson Mandela Day on July 18. Uber gave the children from both the Alex Aids Project in Johannesburg and Uluntu Centre in Cape Town an opportunity to enjoy a special frozen yoghurt experience. Since each region and city will its own frozen goodies at different prices, it’s best to check the Uber blog to know what time you can conjure up the ice cream truck and how much it’s going to eat up from your weekly budget.

Papi Mabele
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