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Sony’s new Mgongo system balances looks, price and sound quality

Here’s the thing with soundbars, sound plates and every other gadget that attempts to fill the niche between a full 5.1 home theater system and the tinny speakers built into your TV — they rarely sound great and they usually look even worse. Of course, there are always trade offs to be made, but the question that vexes us is, are they worth it? Sony is hoping that it’s found a proper balance with it’s latest trio of Mgongo home audio setups and hit certain sweet spots on the bell curve of sound quality and design (and price).

First up are a pair of 5-channels, the Mgongo HT-MV22 and HT-MV55.  The slimmer design allows for their controllers to be placed in front of a TV with little worry that you’ll be blocking the screen, something you couldn’t guarantee with their oddly octagonal predecessors. Both support 4K and 3D pass-through via a trio of HDMI inputs, along with optical and analog audio connections around back. There’s also Bluetooth under the hood, with NFC points on top for quickly pairing with the Sony SongPal app which acts both as a remote and lets you stream music from any service of your choosing.

The difference between the two boils down to price, power and size. The R7499  MV22 has a total of 1500watts of power.  While the bigger, R9999 MV55 rises to a 1950 watts of power. The last of the bunch is a 2450 watt BD-MV77 which will set you back around R13 999 and just like its cousins it has Bluetooth and NFC on board, plus a trio of HDMI inputs.

All three units are already available at Sony’s own experience stores and usual retailers.

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