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Jawbone Mini Jambox is here

When Jawbone came out with the Jambox back in 2010, the sales pitch was simple: here was a really loud Bluetooth speaker that was small enough to stuff inside a backpack when you wanted to have a dance party at the beach. But would it ever  reach South Africa?  Four years later, though, “small enough to stuff in a backpack” isn’t quite small enough. What about small enough to fit inside a suit pocket? Or a purse? That’s the promise of the Mini Jambox, a R1999 (steep, we know) speaker announced today that’s — you guessed it — even tinier than the original.

If the idea of another Jambox seems redundant (as it did to us at first.) The idea is that you’ll carry the Mini Jambox at all times, in the event you’re, say, hanging out with a friend and decide to watch a movie together on a tablet. But if you mainly want something for home use, the Big Jambox will be the better choice. That leaves the original Jambox in a strange place: Bogard expects you’ll use that at home too, even if you do occasionally trot it out for picnics in the park. You just wouldn’t keep it on your person at all times; it’s a little too large for that.

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In total, it will come in nine different colors: purple, silver, black, turquoise, cobalt blue, red, yellow, green and orange. Interestingly, though each is made of machined aluminum, the pattern on the speaker grille varies from one unit to another (there are five textures in total). We hope to have a full review soon, but in the meantime, enjoy that rainbow of the image above. It is available beginning today at Dion Wired, Incredible Connection, Kalahari, and TakeALot

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