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Samsung Curved UHD TV launched

Admit it: if you had the means (and the space) you’d absolutely want to own Samsung’s 105-inch curved 4K TV set. Unfortunately, the vast majority of our readers can meet neither of the aforementioned criteria, which is why you must live vicariously through us. We’re happy to provide this much-needed public service. Thank me now.


What’s it like? Well, the mammoth set is impressive to behold, and as you would expect, it delivers Samsung’s hallmark saturated colors and crisp picture… for the most part. Regardless, that 5,120 x 2,160 resolution is truly stunning, even if its 21:9 aspect ratio makes it a bit of an oddball — which is why we only got to see panoramic shots of cities, landscapes and its official ad (set to air from this Sunday) instead of regular movie or TV programming. Still, after this, getting home to our meager 30-inch set was tough.

If you dig the TV sets Samsung debuted this week, we have good news. They’re both already in  retail stores. If you were expecting pricing info, well, you’re going to have to sit down a little because its all a shocker (not that we weren’t expecting it). The 65-inch will set you back R70 000 while the 78’er will cost you R150 000.

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