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Nokia Lumia 1520 review

Day 1

So, turns out there was no need for me stretch my hands at the gym earlier for the 6-inch Lumia 1520 – me fondling with 4-inch phones must come to an end. Sorry, how many inches is the Lumia? Well, the Nokia Lumia 1520 is the Finnish manufacture’s bold phablet debut at a rather low-ish price. The Lumia 1520 is Nokia’s star rule player, its in my hands and its really big. Really big.

Its also rather interesting. The 1520 comes in white, black, red and yellow, somehow Nokia always seem to have their review devices in black. Yuck. Not so bad though. Time to turn it on. This full HD screen is mighty bright and its Lumia Color Profile and TrueColor capabilities spring to life. Summertime sadness for the 1520’s OS, as pretty and bright Windows Phone is it still comes short of something.

Day 2

I’m out snapping and hipper -than- thou Bloemites gawp at my anti-iPhone and and BlackBerry in envy, so I make more calls in public and snap a few more shots at random. As well as selfies, the front facing cam stays put in any situation (excluding at night, still this would be inappropriate) making for interesting angles. While the bright f2.4 lens helps in Bloemfontein’s dimly lit cafés and bars. Blown up, pics are slightly below the best (yes, even with the 20 MP sensor) but still impress. I try the ‘beauty’ effects mode too. I never needed this,

Day 3

A bus strike means I have over 30 minutes of travel time to kill. My travelling pal is the Lumia 1520’s gorgeous screen. Colours pop, contrast is bang-on and wide viewing angles mean the person next to me can get a preview of Game of Thrones, too. A win for commuter joy and for me as I discover the hidden capabilities of this beauty. By the time I saunter into work, the 206g and super slim Lumia has made my feeble wrists ache a little. I miss the Note 3’s multi window and built in stylus. Hear me Samsung. Scrawling with my fingers just isn’t the same.

Day 4

The Lumia’s on 17% power by mid-morning, which would usually make me helluva grumpy. But I’ve only charged the brilliant 3400mAh battery twice in total all week. Fully charged, the Lumia 1520 is an all day champ.

Day 5

Its the long Easter weekend. A 5 hour drive is in the bag,  which means more time with the spent with the Lumia 1520. Perfect opportunity for the Lumia’s offline features to come to play. Here I downloaded my favourite playlists – majority being local tracks – for offline listening and HERE Drive+ maps in case we got lost. The 1520 was fully charged on departure, it reached 80% on arrival. I’ll always prefer smaller phones (even if they’re slightly invincible in my hands). But this accidentally trendy phablet rise is easily the most exciting thing that has happened in ages. Truth be told, I won’t be forgetting this Lumia too soon.

*Nokia Lumia 1520 retails friom R449 from leading carriers 


Papi Mabele
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