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New Galaxy S5 means new accessories: See the options

Welcome to the drama, the dilemmas, the sheer disbelief involved in picking accessories to go with your new Galaxy S. We can’t promise to make the choices easy, but we can at least give you a glimpse of some of the bumpers and functional extras that Samsung alongside Gammatek has revealed today, and link you up to the relevant pages on Gammatek’s store (see the Source links below).

Starting with Boy Glove, the Body Glove Saturn range is a lightweight, shock absorbent casing – available in a slightly muted, natural Yellow, Purple, Blue, Green and Black colour options. your GS5 is “unapologetically” plastic to start with, of course, but you can give it extra protection with an additional, colorful mesh-style plastic case, this also comes as a FlipCover.


Then there’s the Body Glove Clownfish, which is a lightweight, shock absorbent and easy-to-apply case it is the ideal case to compliment and protect the aesthetics of the Samsung Galaxy S5. It comes in the same five colors as the phone itself, so you can either match the phone or mix it up with a secondary color. There’s also a black option if you want to tone things down a bit.

Next up: The White Diamonds mobile cases that are handcrafted with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS which comes in very different color options — Pink, White, Rose Gold and Crystal — and therefore gets a different set of bumper features such as Scratch resistance and dirt repellent. These cost about R399.


Lastly. we focus on Speck and their two GS5 offerings; Candyshell Grip (available in Black/Slate Grey and White/Black combinations) and the sleek, glossy CandyShell. These are made of polycarbonate on the outside and protective microfiber on the inside, and come in softer colors that are a bit tricky to describe (not least because this writer is monochrome color blind): some kinda grey, some kinda white-ish, some kinda… or just look at the image after the break. All these ad-ons are available from Gammtek and range betweem R99 – R399.



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