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Monitor Viber Chats of Your Kids, It Could Be Dangerous Otherwise!

These days there is so much that parents have to be careful about when it comes to children that it can often be nerve-racking for parents. It has become quite important to keep an eye on all kinds of activities and that includes everything they do on their cell phones. Apps such as Viber need to be given importance since communication apps are running a majority of the traffic when it comes to communicating with each other. So naturally, you need to monitor Viber chats because it is too dangerous otherwise!

Know what they do, who do they talk to!
For parents, it is extremely important to know what friends do their kids make, where they go out for hangouts with them and what do they talk about. But for that, you either have to get an invisibility cloak that you could put on and be with all at all times or fond about a practical alternative. Luckily there is an alternative!

Going stealth without an invisibility cloak!
The better way of tracking your kids and knowing all about their conversations, you can use some reliable spying application. Since almost all teens have a smartphone nowadays and some of them even have tablets, too; you can easily take advantage and install such spying app on their device.

But if you are interested in leaving out nothing, better go for StealthGenie. This is the only app in the market that will let you track Viber conversations so you could conveniently spy on all the Viber text messages, contacts, pictures, videos, audio files and time and date stamps for each kid. This way you get to monitor Viber app inside out!

If your kids are doing silly things like sending inappropriate pictures to their friends or including in sexting, you can know it in time to stop it from getting worse! Since Viber app is free and uses internet connectivity to send and receive the messages, you need to be ultra-sure that your kids are not using it for any indecent or dangerous purposes. Who knows they could be contacting some drug dealer through Viber?

Monitor with sophistication:
A sophisticate way to monitor all the activities of your kids is to keep an eye on their cell phone activities using the help of StealthGenie. Monitor Viber calls and Viber messages of your kids using this amazing app and find out what they are up to at all times.

*Stealth Genie

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