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Hands On: Monster Diamond Tears Headphones

Monster announced its local headphone line-up back in May, including cans borrowing style from the Stealth Fighter and some seriously ostentatious models even Lady Gaga might blanch at. Ever since the launch at Nicci Beach, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a pair of their wearables.

After much anticipation, a pair of the Diamond Tears arrived on my desk a few weeks ago. The tears come in a jewelry-esque box which lifts the headphones up toward you as you open the lid, “ahh awesome”, I thought to myself. But of course one thing turned me off; the Diamond Tears are as faceted and light-catching as the name would suggest. They came across as too ‘girly’ for me. So I did the one thing that a good techie would do to avoid a bias review; I handed them over to Anele Madlala, our only female reviewer here at SA VIBE.

Anele Madlala is a SA Vibe contributor based in Bloemfontein. She is currently a student at the University of the Free State, completing her Agricultural science studies.

Hands-On: Monster Diamond Tears

When it comes to headphones and fashion, Monster Products – aside from Beats by dr.dre – is prominently at the forefront. This was evident at last year’s CES, where they had Diesel models showcasing their new VEKTR headphones and an elaborate display for the newly released Inspiration line.

Forming an alliance with J.Y. Park, Monster has now finally released the Diamond Tears Edge headphones in SA. These beautifully-crafted headphones can be described as “edgy” like diamonds and smoothly contoured with tear shapes forming around each cup.

I had the chance to review the Monster Diamond Tears Edge headphones (so much for having a editor that chickens out) in white (also available in black) and here’s the skinny on one of the latest product releases from Monster:


Playing off the name of these headphones, the Monster Diamond Tears Edge are presented beautifully in packaging mimicking a jewellery box. Inside, the on-ear headphones lay on white velvet which can be removed to access corresponding components and manuals.

From the start, the Diamond Tears grab-attention – the bling and craftmanship is obvious; they are made for people’s attention (as they should, since over-ear headphones are hard not to miss). There are “diamonds” on each ear cup and the headband is adjustable.

Although these headphones appear delicate, they are built with quality materials engineered by Monster (Noel Lee, their founder, is an engineer by trade before founding the company) to be scratch resistant, durable and reflective even when light isn’t hitting them.

On the headband, Diamond Tears is printed alongside the top. There is flexibility to the headband – it feels strong and can easily be adjusted to find to the perfect fit.

Similar to the Monster Inspiration headphones, the Diamond Tears come equipped with three cords, based on lifestyle – one for Apple devices with Control Talk to make calls, an universal cord for any mobile device with Control Talk and one for straight listening to tunes.

The sound quality of Diamond Tears is crystal clear. Monster’s renowned audio engineering shines through with crisp sound quality when playing tracks off my mobile phone and laptop.

Monster Diamond Tears are available at Future Shop through the Monster Store, here are easy links to access more info or order:

Bubble Wrap

The Diamond Tears Edge truly sparkles inside and out. The headphones sport a design unlike any other on the market currently and actually don’t come off too kitschy despite the fact they are shaped to look like a ‘diamond.’ Lastly, the sound reproduction of the headphones are beautifully tuned and balanced. While some may find the fit a bit too tight, overall, the Diamond Tears Edge headphones is definitely worthy of being a girls best friend. The Diamond Tears Edge headphones retails for R3500 at DionWired and are available in a choice of white or black.

Papi Mabele
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