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First Look: Logitech’s G230 headphones

Logitech’s G-prefixed gaming peripherals have been around for a while now, but they were never part of an official gaming line. That changes today, well, it changed 6 months ago with the introduction of Logitech G, the company’s official brand for PC gaming peripherals. “The overriding principal of G is that science wins,” Logitech told us. “Just as gamers are compelled to beat levels, our engineers are compelled to test scientific theories.” A fancy way to say that Logitech’s gaming hardware is built using the latest technology.

For the past two weeks I’ve had the pleasure of playing some of my sought after titles (Call of Duty: Black Ops II) with Logitech’s G230’s on. These connect to your PC through its 3.5mm audio and mic jacks provided, quite a surprise as one would expect USB connection to PC headsets.

Construction of the drive is a light metal headband slider overlaid in plastic, with solid plastic yokes holding the ear pieces. Too plastic for my liking.The whole unit is black, with go-faster red highlights. This same red colour is carried over to the braided cord, which is a very generous three metres in length. This of course came handy when I was sitting further from my unit, or wanted to recline (stomach down) on my bed.

The earphone speakers are neodymium drivers that crank out 20hz to 20Khz, which is standard for these types devices. The padding on the the cups is fabric. Then there’s the fixed microphone (hard plastic) with the only adjustment being the vertical up and down movement over 55 degrees. When pushed fully up, the microphone partly retracts into the left-hand ear cup with about 5cm sitting proud.

This is not a complex unit to operate. It’s plug and play with a small control tab positioned a good distance down the cord from the unit itself. I like that you can sit the control on your desk within easy reach rather hanging from your ear like some hippy techno earring. The controls are as basic as they get, with a slide button to mute the microphone and a wheel to control the volume.

As far as the sound quality goes, It has a good range of volume and handled both the low bass sounds of the music while delivering the high pitched voices of some of the main characters on Call of Duty. Sound effects wise the explosions were rich and loud when I needed them to be and overall the unit handled a mix of different tones well. I was in fact surprised that the quality was very much on a par with my current higher end unit. I did some direct comparisons and there was no perceptual difference.

The big surprise for me was the retail price on this unit. If you shop around you can pick up these headphones for around R1700. This is not bad considering the robust braided cord, the metal headband, and a design that has longevity in mind. If you are wondering, I don’t think the red colour made my game play any faster, and I refuse to comment on how many women I picked up wearing them to the mall.

Papi Mabele
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  • Darksinne

    Really interested in getting a pair of these, but I have no idea where to find them… none of the local online shops have them listed :S