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Sony Xperia Z Ultra: We go hands-on

Delayed? What are you on about? I specifically reserved this Hands-on feature of the Xperia Z Ultra for once I could get my hands on the Xperia Z itself first. And luckily I did, it arrived just yesterday. But on to the Xperia Z Ultra, Soy Mobile and Vodacom held a press preview of the device at Vodaworld last week. Besides all the hype around it and comparing it to its younger brother the Xperia Z, I could understand why this could be the next best Phablet.


The Xperia Z Ultra follows the lines of the rest of the Z series (Xperia Z, Xperia Z Tablet) and has the same OmniBalance plane, uniform screen surface, but this time it measures in at 6.4-inches across, but still running at 1080p resolution. And obviously it will feel bigger than the original Xperia Z. In comparison, you’re looking at a screen width almost identical to that of a passport or one of Samsung’s Note II – only bigger – and that 6.5mm profile means it fits perfectly into any of our trousers with ease.

Comparing it to its younger brother, the screen on the Z Ultra has been ‘tweaked’ to enable input not only through capacitive styluses but also typical graphite pencils with a newly fitted handwriting recognition keyboard available for scribbling notes on the go. It worked very well once we tested it out. Then there are the unfavourable changes to the Ultra too, the camera resolution has been reduced to 8-meapixel as opposed to the initial 13-megapixel on the Xperia Z.

I love how the 1080p display is sharp and bright. There’s a single speaker on the bottom edge, right where will hold the device – hopefully they’ll fix this before shipping starts in September? – Aside from that misfire, the design is a step ahead of other big screen smartphones like Samsung’s Note II.  Sony has dropped the reflective panelled edges, preferring a brush-finish plastic surface that we found easier to grip

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