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Father’s Day Gift Guide

I tend to be an ungrateful bastard here at SA Vibe, but once a year I try my best to walk in lockstep with the patriarchy and give a little something back with my annual SA Vibe Father’s Day & Christmas Gift Guide. There are only 2 days left, but that still gives you enough (last minute) time to make up for not getting your pa a decent Christmas present. And if you’ve already found something for him, go ahead and suggest the perfect gift that some of our friends might find fancy in the comment box.


One of The Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity

Let’s face it, dad’s want to be ahead of the game, and these smartphones are just ahead of the pack and are proper statement makers. Its said the best phones in the world run on Android. Te best Androids being this Samsung, Sony and HTC. That’s according to Stuff magazine, and we agree. We’ve had the pleasure to test two of the devices, the Galaxy S4 and Xperia Z. By far, the S4 takes the crown between them all.


TomTom Via 130


I can personally vouch for the accuracy of the old saw about men not asking for directions. But that doesn’t mean that guys get lost any less than the fairer sex. One way to help your Dad find his way home is a GPS unit, and if you’ve been holding off on getting one because of high prices, now may be the time to take the plunge. At a street price of around R1500, the TomTom Via 130 includes most of the features devices costing tens of thousands of rands more, including a large colour display preloaded SA maps and voice prompts and Bluetooth.


Fujifilm X-f1


It may not be one of the best cameras around, but one of the best looking it is. Fujifilm’s twelve megapixel X-F1 should be enough to impress just about any amateur or not-so-amateur photographer. It sure ain’t the cheapest gift but I am you can think of plenty of excuses to “borrow it” while you jet off for a few weeks on your next vacation.

Ultra Convertible


Not your usual hard wearing and never tearing portable PC, but Toshiba’s Super Convertible U902t Ultrabook is one definite statement maker. Normally, a Ultrabook like this is something you’d hope to see in the latest Star Trek film (too bad Acer got the technology rights), and it would look even better in your dad’s hands, lap and on his desk… Take that! Star Trekkies.

 The perfect Accessory


Its not so long ago when I tweeted that I am in serious need of a bag that could fit in all my devices; phone x2, phablet and tablet. Don’t ask why. But the guys at Gammatek were kind enough to forward me a list of their Golla range of bags and cases to choose from. I’m sure your dad wouldn’t mind owning one (or two) of these Golla Accessories. They’re helluva affordable too.


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