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Hands On Liquid-Armor Screen Protector

Just last week I received my Liquid-Armor starter pack Screen Protector to try out.

This of course came after I was left stunned by a press release from the guys at Gammatek, they are of course the official distributors of the Liquid-Armor range and other leading branded technology accessories. The press release read: ‘The first non-film screen protector’, and as a typical techie, we had to go hands-on.

Liquid Armor is developed by nanotechnology leader Dynaflo and is said to be twice as strong as traditional screen protectors.

On application, I had ny doubts on whether or not to try Liquid-Armor on my beloved iPhone 5 or the less-of-a-smartphone Blackberry. I put the doubt aside and decided to give my iPhone a chance.

Liquid-Armor comes in a wet wipe type of sachet labelled the ‘Convenience Kit’, but before one attempts to rip the sachet open its suggested whatever device you’re going to ‘armor’ be switched off and cooled down. In my instance, I had to remove the traditional screen protector which managed to last me the past 5 months without tear (what would we do without SmartGuard’s durability?).

Provided with, is a rather cute small Dynaflo branded microfiber cloth that one has to clean the screen thoroughly with before applying the Liquid Armor. Once satisfied that the screen is clean enough it was time rip the ‘sachet’ apart and armor my screen.

After a few one direction wipes (avoiding circular motion at all costs) just to ensure that the coating is evenly distributed, I was done and only had to wait 10 minutes before I could use my device again.

I have to applaud Dynaflo for Liquid-Armor, for it leaves your screen looking all glossy and attractive. This is where you start to doubt the trusted traditional film protectors. With Liquid-Armor the true retina and HD capabilities of the iPhone come through.

Is it scratch-proof you might ask? Well, its been 6 days since I’ve applied Liquid-Armor on my device and from everyday use, being placed alongside my car and house keys and coins in the pocket its still scratch-free. Retaining its gloss and shine.

To conclude on comments by Zev Cherniak from Gammatek, there definitely is a need in the market for a ‘exceptional screen protector that incorporates cutting-edge technology with the no-fuss application of wipes’.

Liquid-Armor retails for a reasonable R99 and is available at major cellular stores.
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