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Review: Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio

Lets face the facts; no matter how good we regard Apple’s on-screen keyboard to be some of us (as I speak for myself here) who have lengthy emails and documents such as this review to type, still need the physical keyboard to do so.

The folks at Logitech have been quite a buzz when it comes to releasing peripherals for on demand gadgets lately, as one would notice from our regular Logitech reviews. Their latest offering, the Solar Keyboard folio which is an energy efficient protective book keyboard case for the iPad.


From the look of things, upon unpacking the folio it really looks high-end and well designed, ths giving it a unique selling point. The black exterior however, is awkardly finished with faux leather. Don’t get me wrong, it is appealing to the eye, but with a price-tag of R600 there should be no faux about it. The folio easily lets the iPad slip into it, of which it then secures the decive with its clips this is followed by a Bluetooth agreement between the folio and the iPad and you’re ready to go.

Fortunately, the Folio does not add too much weight to the actual decive. When closed, the iPad is about double the thickness compared to when its naked chasis is out for all to see. What buffled me, is whether or not Logitech forgot that users buy covers for the protection they offer their devices or were they just concerned about the keyboard functionality? For one, there is no lock when the case is closed, at first we thought there is as the folio’s packaging has a magnetic closing feature. Only to find that when folded up in a bag or in your handsthe folio has a tendency to open and when it opens the iPad screen turns on which later consumes some batterly power one could use for something more productive.

In Use

Upon opening the case, the folio has two stand positions one for typing and the other for a perfect viewing angle. The look and feel of the keys on the other end are a pleasure and even better to work on. When the device is placed in the uprifght position, the full keyboard takes effect along with its additional function keys allowing you to complete standard tasks. The keys on the Folio function perfectly, thus making them very responsive. Once you dock the iPad in the perfect viewing angle for movies, only the firs tline of the keyboard is visable, this line houses keys that are movie-compatible. ..

According to Lohitech, the Folio’s keyboard, which connects to the iPad via bluetooth is able to last two full years on one full charge from its built-in solar panels, even in complete darkness, limited to a 2 hour daily use. The manual, and Logitech’s online resources fail to say how long it takes to fully charge the folio, one can’t tell this as there is no icon to indicate that the folio has been fully charged. During our two weeks of use, the Folio responded fairly. it did not lose any power although we’d use it for a full 9 -5 day.

At the End

It’s innovative of Logitech to come up with a energ-efficient keyboard for iPads, i mean; it takes the effort out of having to manually plug a keyboard and have it charged thus saving us, the consumer, tima and money. But the Folio lacks te high-end feel and customisation one would expect from after spending +/- R600

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