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BlackBerry vs. (Liqui Fruit) BlackBerry

More than just a spoof.

One has to love the length that advertisers go and the courage they have to produce witty ads. We’re used to Nando’s award winning courage and Savanna’s humoristic spoofs, with the latest being that of Kulula.

Now comes Liqui-Fruit, a first from them I might add, with their BlackBerry campaign. As you guessed it, Liqui Fruit pokes fun at the Canadian mobile maker, BlackBerry. Not only did they stop there, Liqui-Fruit took it further and poked fun at mobile operators, CellC, Vodacom and MTN (see pics) as well.

Liqui-Fruit-Cell-CLiqui-Fruit-MTN (1)


In cheeky response, Ceres Fruit Juice has now launched a Ceres Limited Edition Apple flavour.


images-stories-000January2013-ceres-vs-liquifruit-118x129“We thought we would have a bit of fun by responding to Liqui-Fruit’s recently launched blackberry flavour by launching a limited edition apple, just like competing handset brands out there,” says Nabeel Schrueder, brand Manager, Ceres.

However, BlackBerry SA took no spoof of this and said Liqui-Fruit had no right nor permission to use its branding, that it did so inconsistently across the ads, and that doing so implied that the smartphone company was somehow involved in the Liqui-Fruits’ marketing.

According to, The Advertising Standards Authority  dismissed BlackBerry’s claim that the “look and feel” of Liqui-Fruit’s ads was too close to that of BlackBerry’s own promotional materials and also found that Liqui-Fruit could not be prevented from using the word “blackberry” to describe its product given that’s what it is selling.

The ASA has since ordered Liqui-Fruit to withdraw the advertising and not to reuse it in its current format.

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  • mybidmonster kenya

    an unnecessary fight, this would have been a great plus for them. Blackberry just shot themselves