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Favourite Things: New year, New me?


With the Festive season almost a month behind us, it’s time to get back to reality. Yes, it took me an entire month to get over all the shindigs, get-togethers, braai’s, weddings and unplanned NYE trips to Welkom with friends.

Unlike my peers, I put the gym on hold for the month and will be starting afresh on 01 February. ‘Cause by now, some people have given up on the gym routine and aren’t as motivated about losing those beer boeps as they were in January right? Right!

Since we’re on starting the year afresh, I have invested in some clean ‘Favourite Things’ to ensure my year is off to some proper awesomeness.


  • Body Glove Screen Protectors
Body Glove iPhone 5 Screen Protectors
Body Glove iPhone 5 Screen Protectors

Shortly after my iPhone 5 courtesy device arrived after the SA launch, I was on a proper manhunt on the search for a iPhone5 screen protector. Luckily I found some awesome clear Body Glove screen protectors distributed by the awesome guys at Gammatek. Looking at the scratches on my protector now, I wonder how my handsets’ actual screen would have looked if I had not had the protector on. With R50, you get 2x extra strong Body Glove screen protectors in the compact box.

  • First Choice ready-to-eat Jelly
First Choice Jelly
First Choice Jelly

It must be a common thing among black families to have jelly accompany every pot shimmering with custard… or is it just a norm? During last years’ festivities (as mentioned above) I didn’t get to have much of the Jelly, Custard and half peaches in between. 2 weeks after Aunt Bibi offered me one of her custard dishes and I, being the uncontrollable drunk I am, turned her down suggesting I will have some before I leave. Here I was 2 weeks later craving fresh Jelly, and came across First Choice’s ready-to-eat Jelly. It might not be up to scratch with the homemade ‘quality’ you’re used to, but darn its Jelly and its good!

  • Beats by Dr Dre – Wireless.
Beats by dre Dre Wireless
Beats by dre Dre Wireless

Well, by now all ought to know that Dre is the beats doctor to all things sound. For a while I have been intrigued by what gives the Beats rights to a heavy price tag and worldwide fame. That’s until last week when the guys at Phoenix Software had a pair of Wireless Beats delivered to me. One slip on of the beats, and I swear you can’t feel your knees thereafter (from dancing of course). These babies deliver crisp, clear sounds, hence the rather heavy price-tag.

  • Woolies Deluxe Sushi Collection

What took Woolies so long to come up with this offering?? I’m as bias as Zuma’s judge was during his rape trial when it comes to Woolies and its products. For one, Woolworths always outdo themselves when it comes to the quality of food and services they offer (forget the racial dispute from last year) hence I love them so much. I recently tried out their Deluxe Sushi Collection with Nigiri, California Rous & Maki. Heaven on earth I tell you.



Papi Mabele
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