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Black Friday hits SA

Here’s something worth looking forward to.

Where you forever dazed on the ‘belaglike’ prices you’d see labelled on gadgets and other goods on American websites and retailers whenever it’s Black Friday? Wait… Do you even know what Black Friday is?

Black Friday is traditionally one of the biggest shopping days in the USA and, signals the start of the festive shopping season. The term Black Friday started in Philadelphia in the US and was initially coined to describe the heavy traffic in the city on the day after Thanksgiving. As it evolved into a shopping day, it is also thought to be the first time in the year that retailers start to make a profit moving their financials from the red to the black, hence Black Friday.

Unfortunately we do not have such in South Africa, even if we did you would hardly ever hear of it as it the most exclusive retailers that host such – So exclusive that even their Black Friday pricing is still ridiculous – until now that is…


Online shopping giant earlier this week started airing ads on its massive Black Friday sale scheduled to take place from 00:01 tomorrow and end at 23:59 the same day.

“South Africa has never experienced anything like this before. We are used to having major sales after Christmas. This year decided to buck the trend and pioneer the Black Friday concept with SA shoppers. We see this as an opportunity to kick-start our festive season with great deals and specials that may help a little in these tough economic times,” said CEO, Kim Reid.

To conclude on the Black Friday Mayhem, Incredible Connection surprised me with a tweet (see pic below) that they will also be hosting a Black Friday sale on their online store starting from 8am till 17h00. WE suggest you get your credit cards, paypal accounts and debit cards ready for Black Friday, its about to get messy… from  the wrapping paper of course 🙂


If there are any other retailers we missed, please let us know in the comment box below or email us on info(at)

Papi Mabele
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