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Mgongo Show. Now I relate

Mgongo Show is certainly not for the tech faint-hearted, if your metabolism can’t keep up with all new, uber cool gadgets  – especially those from Sony – then you better stop reading this post… Better yet, stop watching the show. I kid, I love the show, hence you should watch it with me.

Season 2 of the Mgongo Show by Sony premiered a few weeks ago on etv and of course now that it has found a new home, they had to change the presenters as well. Precious and that other guy (sorry dude! I forgot your name) did a pretty good job with s1 on Mzansi showing off the latest from Sony on the street, and mostly on-set, in studio with celebrity guests and tech gurus.











Now comes Mr Lehasa Moloi as the new Mgongo Show presenter. Solo – weird I know – but now that we’re on the 3rd episode I am pretty much used to him… Solo. With most (by this I mean; ALL) footage shot outdoors (as one would gather from the opening sequence) in Jozi and inserts at various locations of course, this is quite different from what one would expect after s1. The presenter himself is a quite a funny guy. To be honest, I raised my left brow… then the right one for his rather unusual punch-lines and puns during his links, but after reading his blog all became clear on what kind of character he is (sjoe! I can judge a person from a blog now?). Either way, he is a nice, down to earth oke (judging from his tweets) who was just lucky to get his big break. Big ups to him! Its great seeing new (not entirely, I still remember the Isidingo character he played) faces on our screens.

If my first paragraph did not make sense to you, then this show is not for you (although you can stick around for some music videos in-between). I love music, but more a die-hard gadget junkie and always want to stay up-to-date with what is happening in these scenes. Sony got it just right to cram up all the music, tech news and reviews, entertainment news and awesome give-aways all in one show. Which I love

Catch Mgongo Show by Sony every Wednesday at 20h00. As Lehasa would say; tell a friend…

Papi Mabele
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