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MACUFE 2012; Beautiful disaster

By now, If you don’t know what MACUFE is, you should be shot… Dead! I kid. This past weekend I was fortunate enough to attend the Main event at the Mangaung Cultural Festival and boy, oh boy did we have a blast in Bloemfontein!



Unfortunately I missed the Divas Concert on Friday, 12 Oct (thanks to SAA) but I made sure I arrive early for the main jazz fest on Saturday – who would wanna miss that?

The line-up for Saturday was quite something to look forward to with the likes of Ringo, Letta Mbulu, Zahara, Angie Stone, Randy Crawford, Joe Sample and a group of Congolese Musicians. It was jazz, at its best



There were no worries as Red Bull ensured that we stayed recharged the entire day (and night) at their Marquee, I even walked away with some Red Bull goodies to keep me wide awake for a few more nights to come.




Thanks to Amstel for passes to their on-site bar, but failed to make great use of them… If you have had Red Bull with Beer please tell me how it tastes, or how you felt afterwards? Saturday was not the night to start experimenting.





I loved how Macufe 2012 was well organised.  Entry to the event was more organised with no hawkers with fake tickets at the gates anymore and with the VIP tents moved to the Free State Stadium there was more space for visitors.




Just a tip to Macufe organisers; Lay off the international artists for a while. Please? Our own ‘local’ artists sound waaay better and are more talented. Really!



Check more pics from MACUFE 2012 on my facebook page here




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