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Favourite Things #2

It has been a while since my first ever post on our Favourite things, so I though why not do it again? And again… and again?

If you’re lost on what ‘Favourite Things’ are, well here I give you the lowdown on some of the things I have recently come across and have fallen madly in love with. It ranges from new products, TV shows, programmes, movies, gadgets etc. or already existing ones that I happen to favour.



A few weeks ago, I came across these Mini, bite-size Beacon chocolates (or are they now called sweets because of their size?). Of course there has to be an ultimate favourite which are their Now and Damascus bites. Gotta love these sweets! Their portable size are great if you’re writing exams and you can’t keep your mouth still or when you simply cannot carry huge bars and slabs with you wherever you go.











Now, fashionistas aside… I’m just an amateur at this! *laughs*… But I have got to give it to Uzzi for making the best a man can wear… Yes, the best!  I have been in love with this brand for quite a while now and thought its time I gave credit where it’s due, besides they have stylish clothes and I have to look stylish wherever I am seen. (Not that I am fashion conscious or anything…. *keeps on walking*

About a year and 2 months ago, I bought these navy blue pants (Chino’s I think) and since I have only worn them one! The nerve! Well, I found them now, and its summer and I am pretty sure you’ll see me wearing them soon 🙂

Ok, here’s the thing; I am not good at taking pictures… Excuse me, I am well at taking pictures but I cannot stand it when people check the dude taking pictures out… You know that feeling? Like someone is watching you?… Never mind! The guys at Fujifilm recently sent me the Fujifilm F750 camera for review (for our tech blog). All well, but the problem is when the product has to be collected after the review period – sucks, I know – but that’s how much I loved the F750. I think people buy a portable camera just for the sake of having a camera, or rather how much it costs but don’t care about the amazing features the camera has. The F750 has good build quality and grip with noise handled well, especially in EXR SN mode General responsiveness once it’s up and running and at R999 (and less) it’s worth the 12mp buy.


‘Favourite Things’ are things that I love and have not been paid to blog about them (if I was, I would tell you)



Papi Mabele
Tech enthusiast at heart. Lover of all things digital. Papi is the founder of SA Vibe and has been sharing his love for gadgetry since 2010. Papi sees no need for wearable tech in his busy schedule and considers the Xbox One as non existant. He may come across as bias at times, and still holds a grudge at BlackBerry for creating the 8520.